Here’s the latest action:

Apple countersues Kodak: Responding to a patent suit by Kodak in February over the camera technology in the iPhone, Apple countersued the company on April 15, reports Patently Apple. The countersuit claims that several Kodak products — including the M and C series cameras, along with the SLICE camera — are infringing on two Apple patents.

Google working hard to bring iPhone developers to Android: An iPhone developer writes NYT’s David Pogue about his supportive experience with Google’s Android Advocacy Group. The advocate wanted to open a line of communication with the developer, and offered to send them a free Nexus One to play around with. The developer compares this to his three months of dealing with Apple rejections for their iPhone app.

Mini-review of HP’s Slate, “Meh”: The first short review of HP’s Slate device, an iPad competitor, has hit the Web (via Engadget) — and the outlook isn’t so good. Despite supporting Flash, the reviewer describes the device as “slow and annoying”, and likens it to a touchscreen netbook.

Radio Shack phases out the Palm Pre and Pixi smartphones: In what must be yet another blow to Palm’s confidence, Sprint confirms that Radio Shack will begin phasing out the Palm Pre and Pixi phones. A Sprint rep reports that the Pre will be replaced by a BlackBerry device, and the Pixi with a messaging phone.

Ubisoft announces eco-friendly game packages: Industry Gamers reported that the French video game publisher said it will remove manuals and other unnecessary papers from its game packages to create more environmentally friendly game packages.

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