News Blips: LittleBigPlanet 2, No Mafia Wars Pit Bulls, Nintendo Online, and More

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Well, Game Informer wrote "Little Big Planet 2" which perhaps is a different game than "LittleBigPlanet 2…." Yeah, probably not.

 News Blips:

Oops: Game Informer accidentally confirms Little Big Planet 2. In a post promoting their upcoming June 2010 issue, the group teased at “huge feature articles” on many high-profile games including the previously unconfirmed sequel to developer Media Molecule’s hit LittleBigPlanet. Is it me, or does a slip up like that take away some of the thunder from all the Gears of War 3 hype on the page?

Developer Zynga removes pit bull dogs as a combat item in Mafia Wars due to “negative sentiment” they received from players. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had previously urged the public to write to Zynga to complain about their portrayal of the dog in the game. PETA feels that “perpetuating the image of pit bulls as fighting machines is reckless and wrong.” GamePro reached out to Zynga for a comment on the issue and a representative confirmed that they removed the pit bull in response to complaints, but they did not mention PETA specifically. I think to replace it, they should add an item to Mafia Wars that lets players douse fur-wearing gangsters with blood.

Nintendo (sort of) considers premium online service. Speaking with Edge-Online, Shigeru Miyamoto, head of Nintendo’s entertainment analysis and development division, reflected on current, different premium/free online-service models. He admitted that they are "desperate to realize" a core online business structure, but in terms of looking into them, Nintendo has been "less active than [they] should be.” I wonder what type of premium content they might come up with. I'd be all for it if it involves ditching those annoying friend codes. 

Sony plans to re-release Final Fantasy 9 in North America on the PlayStation Network. The company did not specify a specific date for the PlayStation 3/Portable-compatible port. I'm relieved by this news; I was getting a little sad that we have yet to see a FF9 port compared to some of the 67 different versions of the earlier FF games. [PlayStation Blog]

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