The Bitmob/1UP Field Week: Day Four

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Editor's note: Alex fills us in on the activities scheduled for day four of Field Week. -Andrew

We're nearing the end, but don't fret! Only two days of Field Week are left — two days filled with awesome activities! I hope these events have helped promote both the 1UP and Bitmob communities.

I've been really impressed with the creativity of 1UP's members, and I'd love to see them join in at Bitmob. Likewise, let's all head over there and show them the talent our community has to offer! In an attempt to get the ball rolling, Frank Anderson posted a blog on 1UP for everyone to share their info and say "Hi." It's a great place to start participating on that side of Field Week.

Here are today's activities:


Halo: Reach Game Night/Screenshot Contest

Don't forget that A.J. Minotti's Halo: Reach game night is tonight! I hope you all shared your Gamertags in the comments of his announcement post. It starts at 9 p.m. EST and remember to grab those screen shots!

Backlog Brigade: Shadow of the Colossus

I wasn't really planning on jumping into another project so soon after the last Backlog Brigade, but Bitmob community member Frank Anderson mentioned that he's been unable to complete Shadow of the Colossus on multiple attempts. If you held a gun to my head, I would probably list that game as my favorite video game of all time, so I it is my duty to help pull as many people as possible through to the end. Join us as we play!

Morning Cup of Mob

Yesterday, Chris "Cosmo" Ross asked us what would happen if Dan Hsu and Demian Linn hit each other at full speed. Today, he's given you nine words and three sentences to tell a story. That's how you do concise.

Bitmobbers on Twitter Day Four

I'm pretty angry at Lance Darnell for revealing everything that the members of The Bitmob Beard Club hide in their beards, but I'm willing to give him a second chance. He's thought up another inventive topic for everyone to discuss on Twitter. If you've every wanted to complain about video games, now is your chance.

Over at 1UP

As always, Cody has plenty of activities created by the 1UP community. Today you can find art challenges, a haiku throw down, an alternate-game-name quiz, and, uh…don't let the Bitmob editors see, but Cody is featuring a Photoshop challenge involving their faces, as well as those of the 1UP staff. I might Photoshop Shoe's face onto the tongue of a sneaker. That'd be really clever.

And don't forget

We've got a handful of other posts here on Bitmob that are looking for the community submissions:

Trevor Hinkle's Year in Review call-out.

Michael Rousseau's Fog of War writing prompt.

Community manager Andrew Hiscock's walkthrough call-out.

Omar Yusuf's Gamer Tourism community homework assignment.

They're ongoing throughout the week, but participate before time runs out!

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