Gun Control


Before you read any further I apologize for cause I am a drunken state and I got a problem with some people. Gun control in games has been on my mind, but tonight with loads of liquid courage I am writing this. Really game writers need to get over Gun control because it may not be a disadvantage, but a blessing for non gun users like me.



Many people are complaining about dice rolls in a particular RPG game called Alpha Protocol. I hate to say, but those people who are calling this game out kind of suck. Really though if you think about dice rolls with guns shooting it is good. Every Halo, battlefield & MW if you point to the head is an automatic kill. Really though how many of you shot a gun got a perfect hit at a gun range? Unless your good at shooting you won’t hit anything on target in my opinion.

Whether you dice roll or you point directly at them does not mean you should be able to shoot some every single time. Unless of course you are right in front of them shooting then I understand your problem. So with everything going on and not a gun expert myself I don’t understand why people are complaining about a dice roll. Seriously dice roll shots are like a person shooting with a hit or miss even when looking down the scope.

If you think about a dice roll shot it is about as good as if you were shooting in real life. Not sure why people are complaining about the shooting when it seems more realistic than Modern Warfare 2. I don’t support either way of shooting, but damn why knock something different. Yes, I knocked it till someone put it in perspective for me. Now we all know top of the line people can even miss every now and then.

So what do you think about dice roll shots vs every other shooter?

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