This Week in Video Game History: June 6-12, 2010

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What would you do if you invented one of the most popular games of all time? I don't know, but I know what I would do before I told anyone about it.

I'd get the fuck out of Communist Russia. They don't let you keep anything!

This week in video game history is filled with all sorts of regrettable events: theft, murder, stock holder meetings, and video game movies. I know, I know. It's that bad.

June 6

1984 — Alexey Pajitnov creates Tetris. If you told Soviet leaders at the time that a Russian had just created a device that would mesmerize hundreds of millions in the Western world for hours on end, they'd have been pretty excited — and then disappointed if you showed them the game. And then excited again, once they started playing.

June 7

1982 — Thieves steal a truck carrying 49,000 Atari cartridges. Authorities estimate the street value over $1 million dollars — $999,995 used at Gamestop.


June 8

2008 — A man kills seven and injures 10 in the infamous Akihabara massacre. The shopping district, located in Tokyo, Japan, is a gamer's Shangri-La, and we should all solemnly remember this date.

David CageJune 9

1969 — Happy birthday David Cage (pictured)! This video game innovator turns 41, and we hope that he celebrates many more — which is kind of the opposite of what he wanted us to do with his latest effort Heavy Rain. We won't hold it against him.

1971 – Happy birthday Rob Pardo! I wouldn't bother picking up a gift for his former lead designer for World of Warcraft and current executive vice president of game design for Blizzard. The hundreds and hundreds of dollars you've pumped into the games he designed are gift enough!

1983 — Activision goes public. Many years later, gamers will lament, on a fairly regular basis, what current CEO Bobby Kotick tells his stock holders. All those Tony Hawk games? That was the beginning.

2005 — The infamous Hot Coffee mod becomes available over the Internet for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Frankly, I was disappointed. If the entire world was going to accuse video games of evil, I wish developers had done something completely vile and disgusting. If you're going to piss everyone off, you should earn it.

Virtua CopJune 10

1958 — Happy birthday Yu Suzuki! This creator of Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop, and Shenmue is often considered one of the greatest video game creators ever — to which Shigeru Miyamoto responds, "You're comparing Virtua Cop and Shenmue to Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda?!" Actually, he didn't say that, but he probably thought it.

1992Street Fighter 2 makes its first of many appearances on the SNES. If we celebrated the anniversary of every single Street Fighter release, there would be little room for anything else in these posts.

June 11

2001 — Lara Croft: Tomb Raider debuts in theaters. It was a critical failure but a massive hit. At least that's one movie adaptation that stays true to the source material.

June 12

1987 — Konami releases Metal Gear on the MSX2. Did you know that this Hideo Kojima-directed series debuted so long ago on this particular console? No? It's sneaky like that.

1999 — The original Counter-Strike mod debuts on PC. Where many gamers unfairly get branded as lifeless losers who do nothing else but play video games, Counter-Strike players earn that reputation.

Question of the Week: What franchise do you wish received as many releases as Street Fighter?

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