BlackBerry addict Mark Zuckerberg pans Apple's iPhone

Facebook chief executive and religious BlackBerry user Mark Zuckerberg tested switching to Apple’s iPhone over the weekend and panned the device. He reiterated gripes from longtime users over poor call quality from mobile carrier AT&T and weak battery life, according to the status update above. (He later deleted or hid the comment from public view.)

[Update: Sources said to us it was Apple's newest phone, but Zuckerberg's later comments contradicted that, suggesting it was an already released device like the iPhone 3GS:]

Zuckerberg considered switching after complaining that BlackBerry devices hurt his thumbs. Zuckerberg has yet to decide whether he’ll switch to a Google Android device or the iPhone, but says he’ll probably switch to Apple despite the phone’s limitations. Apple has been pretty kind to the social network, giving it time on-stage at Jobs’ keynote introducing the iPad and space in its advertising campaigns.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled the latest edition of the company’s phone last week. The most recent version of the phone’s operating system adds multitasking and the latest device has a front-facing video camera, both potential drains on the device’s battery life.

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