E3 2010: The Best and Worst of Sony’s Press Conference

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Sony wrapped up the first-party press-conference trifecta today. Let's pick out a few things that happened today and comment on them!


Compensating for anything? Sony's stage was the biggest and flashiest of the big three's press conferences. "Check out this stage — I feel like I'm in a U2 concert." – Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA

Pretty sure they can't take credit for this: The tagline "3D World…Created by Sony" — wasn't the world in 3D before Sony was even born?

What do we call these games now? If Killzone 3 is a 3D shooter, and…say, R-Type is a 2D shooter, what do we call the 3D-but-not-3D shooters (like Killzone 2) that we're playing now?

I'm all in: Killzone 3 looks absolutely amazing — the depth perception is almost surreal. It's going to be hard to go back to 3D-but-not-3D shooters after seeing this demo.

Dilemma: Many high-profile third-party games (Crysis 2, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, etc.) are going 3D on the PS3. I used to play multiplatform titles on the 360 for the Achievements, but after seeing these 3D demos, I may have to learn to love Trophies.

The all-star cast you never knew you wanted: Ratchet, Jak, Sly, Bentley, Clank, and Daxter join forces in Heroes on the Move (working title) for the PS Move. I hope it's a legitimately good action-platform title worthy of the attached names, but Sony classifies it as a family game, so…probably not.

PlayStation pitchman/comedian Kevin Butler taking funny jabs at the competition: "Am I crazy or did I just see 100 French acrobats the other day?" (in reference to Microsoft's Cirque du Soleil show for the Kinect), "We can box…with important features like arms and necks" (Wii Sports).

Can't go to E3? PlayStation Home has a virtual replica of Sony's booth that you can walk around in to check out the games.

Beyond platforming: I can't wait to see all the unique games Little Big Planet 2 players will be able to create with the new tools. Possible genres mentioned: real-time strategy, puzzle, racing, tower defense, shooters….

Hypocritical: PlayStation Plus offers early access to downloads and demos, discounts, exclusive content…but regardless of what you get, how can Sony bash Xbox Live Gold in the same breath while promoting Plus when both are basically "pay us $50 a year for a better online" services?

So that's why Valve cancelled last night's Portal 2 event: Sony snagged them to debut the game at their press conference. Wonder what Sony had to do/pay to make that happen?

Oh, those Japanese developers: Why does every other Japanese-based trailer have vague, meaningless statements? From Final Fantasy 14's video: "It is an age when myths become reality"…doesn't that describe most video games? "Salvation lies in the echoes of the past"…what?

What's more exciting? Learning that Twisted Metal is coming to PS3 or that David Jaffe's Eat, Sleep, Play studio is handling the development? (The instant Jaffe stopped working on the series, it went down the crapper: see Twisted Metal 3 and 4.)

Press conference photos courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

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