Offerpop launches community marketing apps for Twitter and Facebook

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Offerpop, a software development company for social media applications, has launched a new marketing app that lets retailers and brands bolster their Twitter and Facebook profiles for maximum impact. Only the Twitter application is currently available to the public, but the company is accepting beta testers for its Facebook version.

Offerpop has developed three Twitter tools intended to better engage with followers. The New Follower tool can be used to automatically welcome your new followers. The Offer tool lets you set up a special page to drive your followers to learn more about specific offers or campaigns. The Exclusive tool creates a private page that hosts promotions or deals only viewable by your followers. And finally, the Viral tool helps you gain new followers through word-of-mouth. For example, if a tweet is retweeted at least 50 times, the deal will become available (similar to some GroupOn offers).

The service is available through a monthly subscription. Customers with fewer than 500 followers pay $100 per month, fewer than 5,000 pay $250 and, finally, less than 25,000 pay $999 per month. This is a pretty ingenious revenue model, considering that the company’s tools are ultimately meant to build a social community. It’s creating a growing revenue base for each customer as they continue using Offerpop applications and gain more and more followers. It will be interesting to see if customers do continue using the applications once they hit a certain community size.

Competitors may include other early stage companies Buddy Media and Wildfire Interactive that have tools for managing social pages, or doing things like one-off quizzes, sweepstakes and polls.

The New York City based company, founded in 2009, only has several customers, including City Sports, Dymocks,, Layla Grace and Overnight Prints.

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