Video Blips: Happy Bungie Day, Bodycount, Lost in Shadow, and More

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I checked the calendar, and today — Bungie Day — isn't a national holiday. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't skip out on school or work.

Video Blips: 
• The Red vs. Blue guys revisit familiar territory and talk about some of the new features in Halo: Reach. Of course, it's more like Shades of Red vs. Shades of Blue lately, but, really, who cares? [GameVideos]

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Continue after the break for a Bodycount interview from the creators of Black, some garden gameplay footage for Lost in Shadow, and a Japanese overview for PlayStation Move.

• Codemasters' Guildford studio Creative Director Stuart Black cites Lady Gaga as one of his primary influences for Bodycount. I didn't see any Lady Gaga-esque flamethrower bras or coordinated dance sequences in this video, but don't be surprised if they pop up somewhere in the game. [GameTrailers]

• I thought, "Ooh, a garden level for Lost in Shadow…that sounds like it could be upbeat." Boy, was I wrong. A game about a little boy's shadow in search of his body is apparently more depressing — and intriguing — than I realized. [GameVideos]

• Playing with the PlayStation Move motion controller in a blank white room…didn't Nintendo already make that ad for the Wii? Couldn't have Sony at least gone with a different color scheme?[GameTrailers]

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