My Perfect Gaming Moment: A Master Class in Gamer/Character Relations

Editor’s note: Most games put you in control of a character, but how often do your motivations actually match those of your character? Thanks to Red Dead Redemption’s epilogue, Ben found one of these perfect moments in which he made this connection. Do you agree with his findings or have one of your own to share? -Greg

DFine raises $36.2M to repair spine fractures

DFine, maker of an injection device that heals vertebral fractures, has raised $36.2 million in equity. Prospect Venture Partners, BB&T Fund, Split Rock Partners and OrbiMed Advisors participated in the round, according to a filing with the SEC. The San Jose-based company uses a minimally invasive procedure to treat spine fractures, providing patients with immediate pain relief and a fast recovery.

The Geekbox — Episode 74

The Geekbox — Episode 74 (2010-07-14)

Old Nintendo Media Kit for Sale

I spend an extraordinary amount of time on eBay. I could blame my collecting ways, but the truth is that I find auction sites hilarious. Nothing brings more joy to my day than scrolling through someone's desperate attempt at describing a product they know nothing about, or trying to make absolute crap into a goldmine.

How Bitmob and Alan Wake Convinced Me to Return to Writing Fiction

Editor's note: Before Frank becomes a famous author, I'd like to take credit for promoting that Metro 2033 story and spring-boarding his career as a fiction author. Seriously though, I'm really happy that Bitmob provided the impetus for him to start writing fiction again. Maybe someone should take inspiration from Frank and start a series titled: Can Bitmob Make the World a Better Place? – Jay

Sonic the Fathog

How do we make Sonic more interesting? Well, let's reverse the concept. Rings give the player health and points. What if rings just made Sonic fat, making them something to avoid at all costs? Imagine the fun! Or you can just watch the embedded video.

U.S. retail video game sales fall 6 percent in June despite new Xbox 360 hardware

U.S. video game sales fell 6 percent overall in June despite strong sales of Microsoft’s slimmer Xbox 360 video game console, according to market researcher NPD Group. This sorry result is sure to get conversations going about how the industry is making a transition to digital online game sales, which aren’t counted in NPD’s retail sales results.

Google revenue climbs 24 percent

Google just released its earnings for the second quarter of the year, with revenue increasing to $6.82 billion, up 24 percent from the same period last year. The numbers were basically in-line with analyst expectations.

How Apple will be bringing FaceTime video chat to the iPad, iPod Touch

Ever since Apple debuted its FaceTime video chat feature on the iPhone 4, speculation has run rampant about the feature appearing on other Apple devices. Now, it appears we have more concrete information about FaceTime showing up on the next iPad and iPod Touch, as well as an idea of how it will work, according to a trusted source that spoke to the mobile gadget site Boy Genius Report.

Rich Wong interviews HP's Phil McKinney at MobileBeat 2010 (video)

Rich Wong, general partner at Accel, interviewed HP executive Phil McKinney at our MobileBeat 2010 conference this week. Wong applied some pressure on McKinney to come up with some answers as to why HP spent more than $1 billion buying Palm when it could have done something on its own or in partnership with others. McKinney danced around the notion of whether HP would build a “slate,” or touchscreen tablet computer. Here’s our video excerpt of the Q&A where Wong quizzes McKinney about the purchase of Palm.