DoNanza brings its freelance job listings to publishers

There are a number of sites trying to connect employers and freelancers, including Elance and oDesk. A newer company, DoNanza, aims to become the most comprehensive site for these listings, and today announced that it wants to distribute those listings to Web publishers too.

Founder and chief executive Liran Kotzer compared DoNanza to travel site Kayak. Like Kayak, Donanza wants to aggregate the “work-from-home” job listings found on other sites, so that it becomes the starting point for any search for freelance work. And since it’s ultimately directing traffic back to the other listing sites, Kotzer said it doesn’t compete with Elance or oDesk, but rather “completes” them. There are now 150,000 listings on DoNanza, and it receives about 100,000 visitors per month, he said.

It’s a good strategy for companies that want to cut down on costs, Kotzer added. In fact, that has been a big part of the DoNanza strategy — he estimated that 80 percent of what you see on the DoNanza website, including the logo, comes from freelance work.

Now the Tel Aviv, Israel company is expanding its reach beyond its own website with the DoNanza Publisher Program. In just a few minutes, Kotzer said publishers can create a customized subsection of their site with DoNanza job listings. Those listings can be narrowed down to the specific industry that makes the most sense for a site’s audience. Kotzer argued that in many cases, DoNanza may be more “synergistic” than other job listings — for example, most visitors to a tech website probably aren’t looking for a job, but they may be willing to take on individual projects that they can do from home.

There are already 450 publishers signed up, including social media site, gadget and tech site, and, a social site for mothers. Publishers make money from DoNanza when readers post new listings via their site, or when someone starts a job that they found through their site.

DoNanza is also releasing what it says will be its first quarterly report about the trends that it’s seeing across its freelance job listings.

The current report found that there are three times as many job postings related to Facebook (app development, social media campaigns, and more) compared to Twitter, and that the average project budget is a little higher for Facebook than for Twitter ($847 versus $797).

The report also compares data between countries — for example, it says that the most popular job search in the United States is for graphic design jobs, while it’s writing in the United Kingdom and software development in India.

You can read the full report here.

DoNanza is funded by individual angel investors.

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