Coming soon: PlayStation underwear?

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PlayStation underwear? The thought isn’t necessarily that crazy. It’s what popped into my head when I saw this announcement: Sony Computer Entertainment today announced the introduction of PlayStation Logo Licensing Program.

Sony will now license its PlayStation logo for use in a variety of lifestyle products, from apparel to everyday items. Licensees will be able to design their products using PlayStation logos or other iconic marks. The program can be applied to lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, housewares, and more. The underwear might be a longshot, since Sony has to approve the products.

The idea is to “make the PlayStation brand more accessible than ever.” That’s an interesting thought. If Sony’s brand becomes ubiquitous, that could translate into a familiarity in the mass market than then turns into the desire to buy Sony products. But will it dilute the meaning of the Sony PlayStation brand? Could it possibly turn off people who might feel the brand stands for anything and everything, as if it were a walking cliché?

Sony has already licensed its PlayStation brand for game peripherals and accessories, leading to the creation of more than 123 items from 45 licensees in the past year. Now Sony wants an even wider reach. Will the company approve an underwear licensee? I guess it depends on whether the licensee is K-mart or Calvin Klein.

[image via Kotaku]