Japan Loves Old Games, Not Older Gamers

Editor's note: This one surprised me — how can a nation of DS gamers look down on older console players? If you've run into this, too, post in the comments. -Demian

Biometric startup Validity Sensors locks up $12.6M to keep PCs safe

Validity Sensors, a company that makes fingerprint scanners for PCs and mobile devices, has raised $12.6 million in a fourth round of funding, according to a filing with the SEC. New investor Panorama Capital led the round. Validity’s sensor technology can be used for identity verification, password replacement and corporate network security in portable devices. Based in San Jose, the startup last raised $20 million in late 2007 from Crosslink Capital, Qualcomm Ventures and TeleSoft Partners, all of which participated in this latest round as well.

Ubisoft Needs to Give Assassin’s Creed a Makeover

Editor's note: Jordan's got a point: In my time with the Assassin's Creed series, I haven't actually done much assassinating. Maybe it's time for the sort of makeover Ubisoft gave Splinter Cell. -Brett

Why We Trash Talk: Mysteries Revealed

“Go f— yourself!” “That’s bulls—, how the f— did you kill me, you lucky f—er, your dead next round.” “Yeah say that s— to my face, punk, I’ll smack the s— out of you in real life.” “Hey you (racial slur), get the f— out of the lobby, you smell.” “My apparel is totally cooler and more trendy than yours, level up bitch and get what I got.” “Your mom is such a whore!”  “Put that sniper down, your terrible, kid.” “Ayo little kid, you betta bust outta here or ima tear you a new a–h—.” “Hey, you, ———————-.”  “Eat my shorts, noob.”

Go Ahead, Ruin My Day: Sega CD Edition

I'm getting ready to move from a nice, big house to a nice, small apartment. That means that my games collection is about to get a whole lot smaller. I figured that I might as well get a story out of some of these "treasures" before I slap them up on eBay, and I'm giving you the opportunity to pick my poison

Re-View: BioShock 2

Somewhere…beyond the sea.

Montage of Beautiful Halo Jumps

This video — created by the folks at Jump Theory — features some of the coolest Halo jumps I've ever seen, but the editing is what really sets this video apart. The sweeping camera angles and epic music make the whole thing a lot of fun to watch. My favorite jump involves killing a bird with a rocket launcher.

Apple unveils new, consumer-friendly battery charger

Apple has launched its own plug-in charger for AA batteries, extending its wireless device and energy efficiency strategies. In addition to making its wireless keyboards and mice more user friendly, the company’s new product will slash the amount of power that’s demanded by competing chargers.

Dark Void – Tesla Should Never Be This Grounded

Dark Void was a flop. It was reviewed poorly and didn’t sell well. After playing it myself, I’m actually surprised it was not better received. I think a large part of its failure can be blamed on Capcom's marketing department. Instead of focusing on the Rocketeer inspired imagery, the ads and box art should have simply stated “Dark Void: The End Boss Is a Robot Cthulhu Nazi.” The jetpack is a tease throughout most of the game, and its absence is always disappointing.

Energy Dept. closes $117M loan to Kahuku Wind Power

The U.S. Department of Energy announced today that it has finally closed its $117 million low-interest loan guarantee to Kahuku Wind Power, developer of a 30-megawatt wind power project slated to keep the lights on in 7,700 homes in Kahuku, Hawaii, and to create 200 jobs on the island of Oahu.

Alternate Reality: Street Fighter IV

It's been a few weeks since I returned from Evolution 2010, the world's biggest fighting game tournament. Despite the fun I had over the weekend, I have a confession to make – I HATE Super Street Fighter IV. My frustration over the game was not the result of an overnight epiphany, but a gradual disdain I've noticed for quite sometime. Competing among the 1,700+ entries in the SSF4, reaffirmed my suspicions and forced my rage past its tipping point. I hate Street Fighter 4, but what can I do? Go back in time and erase its existance? Hmm…

Dragon Quest IX Woes Handled

I picked up Dragon Quest IX on launch date after waiting years for it. I even bought a DSi after not having a handheld for years, just for the launch of Dragon Quest IX. After a little time passed, people started talking about the items they were getting through the DQVC and knowing how many quests were going to be released, I found myself upset that my parents refused to change our connection to a WEP connection. The curse of having a Network Engineer for a Step-Dad, who swears we will be hacked right away if we change from our security settings. I searched Nintendo Wifi Hotspots high and low (wasting money at restaurants too) and found that none of them worked. It bothered me so much that I stopped playing Dragon Quest IX all-together. If I can't play the full game then why bother?