Dead Rising 2 Exclusives: The List

As any proper fan of Capcom's intepretation of the zombie apocalypse should know, Dead Rising 2 is on the way in September — and choosing where you buy your copy will help you earn a heapload of exclusives. [via Capcom-Unity]:

Not only do these outfits like team jerseys and ninja gear look spiffy, they also offer special abilities like unique attacks, increased power for all sports weapons, and helping you with your luck in gambling. As long as all of these great freebies include a game with a much-improved save system, I'll be a happy camper.

Look after the jump for the complete list of store-exclusive content straight from Capcom's mouth.


Best Buy

Best Buy is offering the Sports Fans Skills Pack (more details to be announced soon) for both the 360 and PS3 version of DR2. What we know so far:

Pre-order Dead Rising 2 for Xbox 360 or PS3, and you'll be able to unlock this sporty outfit, which not only shows off Chuck’s team spirit, but also grants him new abilities:

Increased Power for All Sports Weapons

Baseball bats swing harder, balls bounce more, and the years of armchair coaching pay off when sports-themed weapons become greater tools of zombie destruction.

Unique Attack

Grab a football and plow down the undead competition with a powerful running stiff-arm.

Better Health Recovery

Who can go into the big game without half-time snacks? With the Sports Fan theme pack, Chuck earns additional health whenever he consumes food or drink. (Plus, he won't get sick when knocking back one too many brewskies.)

Increased Gambling Winnings

Your luck goes further than the field. Sports Fan Chuck will gain additional money whenever he wins in the casinos.


Pre-order Dead Rising 2, for Xbox 360, and get items for your Xbox LIVE avatar, featuring Chuck Greene’s iconic yellow motocross jacket, jeans and one of the new combo weapons–the super slicer.

Pre-order Dead Rising 2, for PS3, and get a Dead Rising 2 Theme featuring Chuck Greene wielding his signature Paddle Saw on the zombie infested strip in Fortune City.


With Gamestop, you can preorder the awesome Zombrex Collector's Edition AND get an awesome Ninja costume for pre-ordering.

From Gamestop:

Reserve Dead Rising 2 and receive the Ninja Theme Pack. The pack includes 4 pieces of Ninja clothing. When Chuck wears just one piece of the outfit, it unlocks new abilities in Chuck associated with the Ninja theme. When all 4 pieces of the outfit are worn, additional Ninja-like animations are also unlocked! Theme Pack does not include sword. Available online and in-store while supplies last.

More pics can be found below, and on Capcom's official site. Enjoy!

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