News Blips: Gamers Defend Themselves, No 3DS Eyestrain, Bungie vs. “Rage Quitters,” and More

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I think these gamers chose to fight off the thieves once they realized that one of the assailants was wearing flip-flops. 

News Blips:
Gamers thwart suspected robbers at a PC cafe. A group of teens attempted to rob a PC Gamerz and its customers in Hawaii. One customer chose to fight back after the suspects tried to steal his Nintendo DS, which inspired his fellows to resist. The suspected robbers fled, and police arrested them a block away. I wonder how many hours the DS owner had logged into his DS — he chose to protect the handheld with his life, after all. [KHON 2 w/Video]
Kid Icarus: Uprising Designer Masahiro Sakurai explains how to avoid making eye-straining games on Nintendo's 3DS. Speaking to CVG, Sakurai says that "objects flying towards the user…(are) more likely to cause eye strain." To counter this, his team is programming objects that fly away from the player in the new Kid Icarus game. And here I thought that having 3D things hurled at your face all the time was merely obnoxious. 
Bungie plans to penalize "rage quitters" in Halo: Reach. Speaking to Xbox 360 Achievements, Bungie Community Director Brian Jarrard teased that for their upcoming game, they have tools to detect people who habitually quit multiplayer matches out of frustration — which can create a negative experience for everyone left behind — and eventually plan to "remove them from the population." I sense a great disturbance…as if millions of douchebag gamers were whining at once. 
Ex-Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, founders of Respawn Entertainment, are set to speak at QuakeCon 2010. Id Software has the duo scheduled to participate in a panel titled "Building Blockbusters." West and Zampella, famous for their work on the Modern Warfare series, made headlines earlier this year with their dramatic exit from publisher Activision-Blizzard. I believe the full title of the panel is "Building Blockbusters: And Making Dump Trucks of Money in the Process." [QuakeCon Press Release]

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