Driving app Waze lets you share tips and alerts with friends or co-commuters

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freeway trafficWaze, a free driving application offering maps and traffic data gathered from its users, recently took steps towards a more social driving experience by adding the ability to share where you’re driving with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Now it’s going further with a new feature that allows drivers to share information in groups.

Waze’s goal in creating groups is to allow drivers to share tips, alerts, and locations with each other based on their interests. So for example, all the drivers who commute from San Francisco to Mountain View every day can post tips and information about the drive and also share their location with other members on the route. Groups don’t have to target an entire commute — they could just involve a pack of friends commuting together in several cars or a company’s fleet of vehicles.

The group’s feature is part of version 2.0 of Waze, which just went live in Apple’s App Store (you can download Waze here). Features planned for the future include the ability to make groups private (currently anyone can follow any group).

Waze announced last month that it has passed 1 million users. The company’s investors include Blue Run Ventures, Magma Ventures, and Vertex Venture Capital.

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