Twitter's Tweet button prompts TweetMeme to move from sharing to analytics

Following up on our report from yesterday, Twitter’s official Tweet button has gone live today at some major sites, including the Huffington Post and Gawker Media blogs.

More interesting than the button itself, though, is the news that Twitter is working together with TweetMeme to replace its popular retweet button. In a blog post, TweetMeme founder and CEO Nick Halstead said that “the market requires an official solution that can accelerate this growth”, and that the company “will be assisting Twitter with the technical challenges involved with the button.”

Since TweetMeme’s button was launched in early 2009, it has grown to generate more than 750 million daily impressions. Twitter will be able to take advantage of that growth since TweetMeme will point to its official button from now on.

Now that he no longer has to focus on a retweet button, Halstead announced a new product, DataSift,that “gives developers the ability to leverage cloud computing to build very precise streams of data from the millions and millions of tweets sent every day.” He described the product to Robert Scoble as “[Twitter] track on steroids” — referring to a now-dead Twitter feature that allowed you to get real-time tweet data.

According to Halstead, it will let users:

  • Tune tweets through a graphical interface or our bespoke programming language
  • Streams consumable through our API and real-time HTTP
  • Comment upon and rank streams created by the community
  • Extend one or more existing streams to create super streams

There are certainly many uses for a service like DataSift, and it seems like the logical evolution from TweetMeme — which was the first service to successfully make sense of the stories being talked about on Twitter. With DataSift, he’ll offer the ability to make sense of the millions of tweets that are created every day — and more importantly, it will be able to do so as they’re posted, in real-time.

You can view Scoble’s video interview of Halstead below:

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