Why Mass Effect Should Remain a Microsoft Exclusive

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Yesterday, EA announced that Mass Effect 2 is coming to the Playstation 3 in January. This is great news for owners of the PS3 as the original title (a January release) is in the running for 2010's Game of the Year Award by many critics. Commander Shepard making his/her debut on the PS3 is probably bringing more questions than answers at this poin, the biggest being, "Why isn't the first Mass Effect coming to the PlayStation 3?"

The obvious reason is that Mass Effect was published by Microsoft Game Studios, which all but guarantees it will never see the light of day on the PS3. I, for one, think the first Mass Effect should stay an Xbox 360 exclusive.


Mass Effect 2 was the game that introduced me to the series. I played the first one for about an hour before my patience grew thin. I'm not saying the first one was a bad game, but it took a while to get interesting. Mass Effect 2 does a good job of describing what went down in the first chapter. It took me a second playthrough to realize it, but it does. It's a shame PS3 players don't have the option of experiencing the events for themselves, but at least they can get a grasp of what's going on. It's not like the game expects you to know everything from the moment you control Shepard.

PS3 owners still get the short end of the stick when it comes to importing a character and previously made decisions from the first Mass Effect. Bioware could make up for this by making the Cerberus Network free, so PS3 players could get no-cost access to downloadable content on the PS3 (one can hope). Either that or adding some exclusive content like BioShock did.

The problem with porting the first Mass Effect (besides the obvious) is the game was released in 2007. A lot has changed since the days of long elevator rides and driving the boring Mako vehicle on planet surfaces. Mass Effect 2 polishes out a lot of the small annoyances that hindered the first one.

And what about Mass Effect 3? There's no way the people that played through the first two on the Xbox are switching to the PS3 edition. My only recommendation for the PS3 edition of Mass Effect 2 is a lower retail price. Nobody's going to pay regular price for a game that is cheaper on the 360. I don't care how new it is.

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