This Week In Video-Game History: August 15-21

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This week in video-game history is a fairly slow one. Most of the important happenings took place in the last 10 years, except for John Carmack's birthday!

August 15

2000: Chrono Trigger sequel Chrono Cross comes to America.

August 16

2005: The curiously themed vampire western Darkwatch goes on sale. It actually got fairly positive reviews, despite being one of the most unappealing ideas for a video game I've ever heard.

2006: Hawaiian resident Don Perreira pleads guilty to two counts of criminal copyright infringement. Perreria was distributing Xbox consoles with pre-loaded games with the intent to sell.


August 17

2007: The King of Kong is released. The controversial documentary follows the struggles of Steve Wiebe as he attempts to tackle long-time Donkey Kong record holder Billy Mitchell's score.

August 18

1995: The first Mortal Kombat movie is released in theaters around the country. While parents feared the games would trigger a violent response in their children, I know firsthand that this movie did far more damage to rambunctious and fight-prone children than the video game did.

August 19

2002: The original Dead to Rights is released on the Xbox as a timed exclusive. Namco later ported it to the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Dead to Rights was originally a PC game.

2005: The long-lived and incredibly funny Disney cartoon The Proud Family comes to an end. A full three months after the show leaves the air, the underwhelming GBA game hits the shelves.

Commander Keen

August 20

1970: John Carmack is born. He was the lead programmer for the Doom and Quake series, as well as Commander Keen. Besides programming games, Carmack is also an avid rocket enthusiast and founded the rocket-powered-vehicle company Armadillo Aerospace.

2002: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the last game released on the Nintendo 64.

August 21

1989: Sony Records publishes the Mother soundtrack. Much like the games in the series, it never went on sale in North America.

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