Facebook: Hey, we used to be a site for college students

As Facebook broadens its user base, competing sites have tried to claim the student audience that was once the social network’s strength. But Facebook hasn’t forgotten the college crowd — witness today’s launch of a new page called Universities on Facebook.

Facebook describes the page as a place where students and student organizations can figure out how to best use the site. There’s a “Deals” tab where students can find back-to-school bargains from retailers including Modcloth, Tigerdirect.com, and Alice.com. Facebook says the section was created by Facebook marketing company Context Optional. Other tabs include a “Press” page for student newspapers, a “Student Government” page, a “Sports” page, and a general “Community” page.

Of course, the very existence of a page like this serves as a reminder of how Facebook has changed — where it was once a site designed by and for universities, they are now a specialized audience with a page catering to their specific needs.

Facebook isn’t the only company tying a launch to the new school year. Just last week, we covered the funding of both Scoop and CollegeOnly.

universities on facebook

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