Reviews Spotlight: Extreme Love, Extreme Wrestling, and a Cartoon Dog

On this week's Reviews Spotlight, we'll take to the stars for some intergalactic romance, return to Earth in time for a wrestling event, and wrap things up with a God of War-inspired tale of vengeance.

Extreme Review: Mass Effect 2 DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker
By Rick Knight
It seems no one among the Bitmob community learned their lesson after reading Rick's last extreme review. Are you sure you want seconds? Well, don't complain when "RickRockStar" lays the smack down on BioWare for releasing some not-so-extreme downloadable content.

So what's the deal with the new DLC? Well, if you're a smooth mack daddy like Rick, you'll get the chance to continue your relationship with Liara T'Soni and hopefully score one for the team. And don't get him started on those unreal graphics — they're just too damn fly. Check this out — J Dilla produced the soundtrack to this game (not really)!

At first, it seems like Mass Effect 2's latest DLC is simply too legit to quit. Interested? If you're capable of parsing Rick's inner-city vernacular, you ought to find a coherent recommendation.


BioShock 2: Minerva's Den — A Bite-Sized Rapture
By Suriel Vasquez
Rapture's a big city, which means that one, two, or even three tours won't suffice. So 2K Games is inviting you one last time to take a walking expedition through the underwater metropolis in BioShock 2's last piece of DLC, Minerva's Den.

True to the franchise formula, Minerva's Den introduces a new villain, guide character, and hero. They are Reed Wahl, C.M. Porter, and Subject Sigma, respectively, and they're all en route to The Thinker, Rapture's central computer.

If you've played previous installations in the BioShock series, you may know what to expect. If not, check out Suriel's review.

For What It's Worth: Smackdown vs. Raw 2010
By Ryan Conway
Before I go through the rigamarole of highlighting and recommending Ryan's review, let's take a moment and appreciate this Bitmobber's work. It's been close to a year since Ryan began contributing to the site — that's 12 months of dollar-saving content. Thanks for sticking around, Mr. Conway. We really appreciate it. Now, onto the review!

WWE took a page out of the adult-entertainment business and banked its success on the appeal of topless people rolling around on the floor. Unfortunately for you and me, those topless people are bulky, scary men, and they're busy fighting. But hey, if you're still paying attention, you might be interested in Smackdown vs. Raw 2010.

Sam and MaxSam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Review — Telltale's Finest Series Yet?
By Chris Winters
After the pair of private eyes find a toy that grants psychic powers, Sam and Max dive headlong into an appropriately bizarre quest to stop a deranged space gorilla from destroying New York City.

Developer Telltale has a lot to live up to. Between the artistic style we've come to love and the dark humor we've come to depend upon, the Sam & Max series has a monumental standard to maintain.

After reading Chris' title, you're understandably thinking: Is this Telltale's best game? Check out the full review for the answer.



Shank Review: A Downloadable Title Worth Taking a Stab At
By Nathaniel Nehrbass
With a story penned by God of War cocreator Marianne Krawczyk, Shank can guarantee an ass-kicking narrative. 

You play as Shank, a knife-wielding ex-thug on a mission of revenge. After a falling out with his gang led to the murder of his girlfriend, Shank vowed to exact justice upon Caesar, the crime lord responsible for his gal's death.

Are you man enough to cut, shoot, and stab your way to retribution? Do you have what it takes? Probably not, but Shank will let you live out that fantasy in the safety of your living room.

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