Halo: Reach Game Night – The Screenshots, The Captions, The Winner

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I already figured out how to hate some of you Bitmob community members without ever having to meet you, thanks to last Friday's Bitmob Game Night and Halo: Reach.

If your Gamertag is listed on my "killed most by" screen, you qualify. If you captured a screenshot of me dying in some embarrassing way, you also qualify.

And that's what some of you did for our Halo: Reach screenshot/caption contest. We asked you to take your favorite screens using the in-game tools, then caption and post them to Bitmob. Here they are, with our favorite one all the way at the bottom. That member wins a Halo: Reach briefcase filled with some random swag!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to all who participated in this story. We all had a lot of fun. And I hate some of you still.

The new assassinations are really cool. I made sure An Irish Mob knew that, too. (Marcel Hoang)


Follow the leader. (Juan Letona)

A glorious assassination with the sun behind our back! (Marcel Hoang)

"Get on your knees…where you belong," said a pink Spartan. (Larry T. Hinh)

BANGO-BANGO!! (Chris Rose)

Bitmob Demian reverts from Spartan to turtle while throwing a grenade. (Marcel Hoang)

A diving Shoe. (Juan Letona)

Brett (B Bretterson) starts an assassination…. (Juan Letona)

All in the wrist. (Chris Rose)

Bitmob Shoe escapes the fireworks show by lying down with his legs spread apart with a buddy. (Larry T. Hinh)

Bubble boys showstop Brett. (Juan Letona)

MPG81 sends Bitmob Demian flying in the classic sword lunge. (Marcel Hoang)

Striderhoang (that's me), dying in a blaze of glory and about 10 skulls. Someone exclaimed, "Grab the candy!" (Marcel Hoang)

Got a light? (Chris Rose)

DUCEALOFF (front) and Employee 117 (back) make a good flying-team photo. (Marcel Hoang)

Don't shoot until you can truly feel those flames on his helmet. (Larry T. Hinh)

Another assassination, courtesy of sparrow994. (Marcel Hoang)

And our winner:

After pummeling Ixthus86 (Mark T. Whitney) off of a cliff, Bitmob Rich (Rich McGrath) says a silent prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for his fallen brethren. Unbeknownst to him, his own fate is sealed as three crimson assailants draw near. (Mark T. Whitney)

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