Texting of the Bread: iPhone Game Pays Tribute to Sega Classic

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Anyone who visited an arcade in the late '90s probably remembers the Sega light-gun series House of the Dead. Those who owned Dreamcasts might also recall the bizarre edutainment spin-off Typing of the Dead, which had players spell out words to defeat the zombie hordes instead of shooting them.

But typing games and zombies are old hat. Want to get really crazy? Try shooting undead gingerbread men with a milk-firing minigun by tapping out phrases like "LOL" and "OMG."

In ScrewAttack's new iPhone/iPod game Texting of the Bread, you can do exactly that. Read on to find out just how silly (and awesome) this homage is.


Texting of the Bread

Texting of the Bread's setup is very simple: as you hold your iDevice in landscape mode, your character stands at the left of the screen. Shambling gingerbread men enter from the right, each bearing a word above its head. These can include text-specific acronyms like "LOL" or much larger words (even tricky ones like "braaaaaains," which slow you down with extra letters).

Tapping out the correct letters will fire a barrage of milk bullets at each confection. Missing a letter will allow them to get closer, whittling away at your health. And if you get in too much trouble, a shake of your device will flood the battlefield in a milk tidal wave.

OK, so the game doesn't have a lot of depth, with only a few modes and pretty repetitive action. But its ludicrous concept makes Texting of the Bread a great spiritual successor to the Sega classic. And it really does help you become more precise with your texting (you know, if that's something you care about).

For a $1.99 downloadable diversion, you can't lose. Unless you're an evil cookie.

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