Entrepreneur Corner: The myth about branding –- and 8 critical questions

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.Legal landmines can lurk in exit interviews – Exit interviews are good ways to get a barometric reading on troubles in an organization, but they can also be legal landmines. Attorney Curtis Smolar runs through five questions and topics that are best to avoid.

8 critical questions for emerging entrepreneurs – Deciding if you’ve got the right stuff to launch a startup can be a hard question. Believing in your vision is one thing, but it’s far from enough. Patrick Driessen, CEO of Seed Accelerator, an Asian-Pacific technology startup and business accelerator, offers some self-assessment questions to help you decide.

Branding isn’t as important as ‘experts’ say – There are those who say branding is everything. Jason Cohen, angel investor and founder of the whimsically named Smart Bear Software, argues otherwise – and tells the tale of how a name chosen solely because it amused him became a powerful brand.

Effective ways to break the startup funk – We’ve all been there: Caught in a down cycle, with no visible escape route. Serial entrepreneur Scott Olson offers five ways to regain focus and drive – and break out of any corporate paralysis.

Chile hopes to lure U.S. startups – Chile is looking for a few good entrepreneurs. In this thought leader lecture at Stanford, Juan Andrés Fontaine, Chile’s Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, discusses the $300 million in government financing that is looking for the right projects.

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