This and Last Week in Video-Game History: October 10 – 23

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This week I desperately try to get this series back on track by providing a fortnight worth of content. I had no idea just how much could happen in 14 days.

October 10

2003: Rez and Space Channel 5 creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi announces that he's leaving Sega. He's currently working with Ubisoft on the Kinect game Child of Eden

October 11

2007: EA acquires BioWare and Pandemic. Unfortunately Pandemic didn't really make the cut and was later dismantled and absorbed. 

2007: Perrin Kaplan announces that she's leaving Nintendo. Kaplan was the vice president of corporate affairs for Nintendo of America.


October 12

1966: Game developer Brenda Brathwaite is born. She is best-known for her work on the Wizardry series. 

2006: Capcom dissolves Clover Studios. They were the team behind the Viewtiful Joe games and Okami.

October 13

1982: One of the most offensive games ever made is released. Custer's Revenge is so despicable that I'll just let this video show you what you need to know:

October 14

1977: The Atari 2600 launches. Originally known as the Video Computer System, the 2600 was first sold at Sears with the store’s branding. 

October 15

1992: The Sega CD is released. While I dearly love my little CDX, this date also saw the release of Marky Mark: Make My Video. No Sega CD owner should have ever suffered through that. 

October 17

1994: Sonic and Knuckles is released on the Sega Genesis. 

October 18

1958: Tennis for Two is first shown. It was developed on an analog computer using an oscilloscope as a monitor, and many consider it to be the first video game ever made.

1985: The Nintendo Entertainment System goes on sale in New York. 

2006: The Maxis logo appears for the last time in the intro of a Sims game as The Sims 2: Pets is released. 

October 20

1986: The Sega Master System is released in Japan. It wasn't really successful when it finally launched in the U.S.

1987: Natsume is founded. 

October 21

1992: Wario is introduced in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for the Game Boy.

1998: Metal Gear Solid is released. 

1998: Children near and far lose their minds when the Game Boy Color is released. I got one of the see-through purple ones with a copy of Pokemon Red

October 22


2001: Post-punk-revival band Interpol starts boiling Bitmob editor James DeRosa's blood as they cash in on Joy Division's sound. Did you know that Joy Division is also one of Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's favorites? You can find references to them in many of his early games. 

2001: Grand Theft Auto 3 is released. 

2001: SNK files for bankruptcy and places their intellectual properties up for auction. 

October 23

1988: Super Mario Bros. 3 is released in Japan.

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