Seven Games to Keep You Busy Until Indiecade 2011

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Indiecade has been over for a little more than a week now, but a few games almost flew under the radar. Here is a list of seven games that you should definitely check out.

You play as Rufus who takes a job delivering cargo to realize his dreams of buying a brand new boat. Carefully pack Rufus’s ship with as many objects as it can carry, and sail it to the next harbor without loosing any of the precious cargo. Customize and upgrade your ship with the money you earn from each job, or buy items (like rope) to help you secure more cargo. Eventually the game gets more challenging as it requires you to carry different types of cargo like glass and TNT. Lastly, I should mention that the developers created Cargo Delivery’s unique art style using still water-color paintings!

Play the demo here!


Castle Vox

(Note: if any Bitmobbers are familiar with turn based strategy games and want to write a review for this game, leave a comment and I will get you a download code.)

Inspired by great strategic table top games like Risk and Diplomacy, Castle Vox refines the basic elements of traditional turn based strategy games to create a streamlined experience. With an incredibly large selection of maps, you can recreate historic battles or even play in sci-fi and fantasy settings. Team up with friends or play competitively online.

Play the demo here!


Solace is a top down shooter that uses an interesting mechanic to create a musical experience based on the five stages of grief. Each stage has its own song and unique audio tracks which reflect a particular level of grief. You can trigger different tracks when you hit the “fire” button or when you encounter certain enemies. The ascetics of Solace appear fairly simple, but the soft images and bullet patterns maintain a certain elegance which contributes to an overwhelming sense of unity throughout the game.

Download it here!


fractalFractal uses multicolored hexagons to give your brain a workout in this challenging puzzle game. With a set number of turns, you must fill up a gauge by creating perfect groups of six. You can create new hexagons by clicking on old hexagons but new hexagons will only manifest from specific directions. The scoring system really makes chaining combos a blast. Each multiplier-combo has a crazy name, and the game is really good about letting you know that you are awesome. If you want a more detailed discription of the game, check out Richard Moss's post Make Blooms, Not War: Fractal Demo Impressions.

Play the demo here!

dukeMonsters (Probably) Stole My Princess

Monsters is full of charm. You play as a demon known as "The Duke," and monsters have … (probably) kidnapped your princess. Chase down gigantic monsters in style with this vertical platformer on either PSN or XBLA for about 3 dollars.  

Watch a movie here!



Spirits is another game I didn’t get a chance to play at the festival, but it won the Aesthetic Award at Indiecade’s Red Carpet Gala. It reminds me a bit of Lemmings, but it has a calming style and more fluid play mechanics. The game is coming out soon soon for iOS devices.

Watch a movie here!



retro/gradeFinally, I would like to share a PS3 game called Retro/Grade. This winner of the Audience Choice award at Indiecade 2010 puts you in a side scrolling bullet hell in reverse and forces you to catch bullets instead of fire them. This unique take on the “shoot ‘em up" genre also includes some stellar music and the ability to play the game using a guitar controller. The developers will release Retro/Grade soon on PSN, but a launch date hasn’t been announced yet.

Watch a movie here!

If these seven games aren’t enough for you, then I also recommend checking out James DeRosa's 10 Artsy-Fartsy Games for People Who Like Artsy-Fartsy Things

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