Tweetbook Q&A: NES Memories and Using Walkthroughs

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This week marked the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System, and we asked our Twitter and Facebook followers to share their favorite NES games and moments with us. We also asked about how you use walkthroughs, cheats, and FAQs (and if you haven't read our Community Callout on this topic, you should). Check out the responses below and share your own in the comments!

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the NES — what is your favorite NES game or memory?

Via Facebook

Timothy Adema: Me and my dad playing Super Mario Bros. 3 together on an old black-and-white TV.

Nathaniel Ketchum: Dragon Quest. I still pull the original cartridge out every so often and take it to task. Yes, the battery still works!

Eli Oliveras: Beating Zelda after about 10 months of playing on and off. No GameFAQs back then! Had to find everything on my own.

Alex Sanabria: Tecmo Bowl with my dad, or Mike Tyson's Punch-Out when I finally beat Tyson. True story: I was filling out an application, and when I went to fill out my social security number I accidentally put in the Tyson code, and had to figure out why I was missing a number. Took me a second to figure it out.


Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Jonathan Krukoff: The first time I really remember thinking "I need an NES" was the summer of 1986. I was five-years old, and all my friends were crowded around a TV playing Pro Wrestling. I got the NES, and by Christmas we got Pro Wrestling, Double Dragon, and Top Gun. I remember watching my sisters play games.

Nicolle Rodriguez: Metroid and Zelda and all our maps we drew out.

Nathan Phillips: Dragon Warrior fascinated my underdeveloped brain.

Edgar Mena: Mega Man 2. The first Dr. Wily stage music is my ringtone of choice. The ending to the game gave it a Pinocchio feel, like Mega Man became a real boy at its end (if you forget that he already had hair).

Via Twitter

@Mi_Wuz_Here: My favorite NES memory is going to my grandma's house and only having an NES on hand, so me and my sister collaborated on Punch-Out. Could never get past Bald Bull 2.

@AlanRappa: Waiting in line with other young nerds for Child's World to open so I could snag a copy of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.

@Morinar: That's like asking me to pick a favorite child. Probably the first time I got the hammer in Zelda 2. It felt great.

Zelda 2

@knightrick: Excitebike!!

@Juanchitomayor: Favorite NES game had to be Super Mario Bros. 3. Played it over and over.

@HalfDaufur: Being nine-years old and playing the NES at a friend's place for hours on end. I didn't like the guy, but he had Paperboy and Super Mario Bros.

@feitclub: Gotta go with the end of Bionic Commando: You discover Master D is actually Hitler and then you blow his damn head off.

@mickfrommackay: Favorite NES memory: Defending my choice when everyone else bought a Sega Master System.

Read on for your responses on using walkthroughs and FAQs.


How do you use FAQs and walkthroughs when you play games, if you use them at all?

Via Facebook

Jennifer 'Dremmers' Taylor-Foster: I only use them if i get incredibly stuck on something, or if i want to get every achievement/trophy possible. So, very sparingly.

Ben Ingber: I use the guides mostly when I'm playing terrible games and I feel obliged to finish. In fact, I'm using one right now on Ghostbusters. I've already read to the end, and I was surprised by the final boss. I'd expected the climax to be the ghost of my childhood being kicked in the teeth by Egon and Ray, with copies of the game tied to their boots.

Timothy Adema: I own a few strategy guides (mostly for collecting's sake). As far as FAQs and walkthroughs I use them only occasionally. I recently got stuck in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest and took a quick glance at a FAQ. I haven't used it again since then.

Via Twitter

@Mi_Wuz_Here: I wait till I get stuck, then sidestep the part that got me stuck with them.

@Morinar: On new games, I use them if completely stuck or to make sure I haven't missed anything. On games I've played, I use them to min/max.

@AlanRappa: I use FAQs as a last ditch effort, when frustration starts to take the place of fun. I enjoy a good challenge, but sometimes…sheesh.

@HalfDaufur: I usually only use them for annoying collectibles or trophies like Assassin's Creed 2's feathers. Sometimes to find some cool Easter Eggs too.

Assassin's Creed 2

@LikChan: Only if I get really stuck — I check guides on GameFAQs or YouTube.

@k0h4ku: Sparingly! Only when absolutely stuck and frustrated or for that last 1%. In all fairness, though, if I was willing to use them more, I'd finish more games all the way.

@knightrick: Rarely. Wikis are useful when Google fails to produce.

@Juanchitomayor: I use FAQs when I can't figure out the next objective, but only if I am enjoying the game.

@acronkyoung: Depends on the game. Games like Suikoden and Pokemon hit my OCDness and I'm forced to check GameFAQs to get all the characters. With action games I'm fine just playing through the storyline and missing all the extra stuff, so I don't use FAQs at all.


@Hauz20: Generally only for pain-in-the-ass collection quests that actually yield something worthwhile.

@colquittbrett: I only use them when I'm stuck. Or want cheats.

@feitclub: As a rule I use them only when stuck, but if the game is large/deep enough I will break that rule to avoid missing cool shit.

@Crys383: I use guides to find the fastest way to get 100%, but only after I've burned out completely on the experience.

@mickfrommackay: I got the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess book to finish it about six months after getting completely stuck close to the end of the game.

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