Oracle: Google stole our Java code and used it in Android!

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The spat between tech giants continues with Oracle updating its lawsuit today, stating Google stole Oracle’s Java code for its Android mobile operating system.

Oracle is suing Google over the use of a third of Android’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) — which Oracle says are “derivative of Oracle’s copyrighted Java API packages.” Oracle filed the original lawsuit in early August.

Patent trolling seems like the thing to do this month when it comes to tech giants, as Oracle is not the only entity trying to sue the pants off of companies like Google. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is also attempting to shark everyone from Facebook to Google on down. Even VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi, a traditionally stoic master of video games, is sick of the shenanigans.

Google already vowed to take on Oracle and block the lawsuit, saying the original accusations were baseless when they first surfaced in August.

But Oracle itself is no stranger to being targeted for lawsuits. Earlier this year, Oracle finalized its acquisition of server manufacturer and Java developer Sun Microsystems in a deal worth $7.4 billion, though the official announcement came in April last year. The European Commission had investigated the deal later that year over concerns that Oracle, a maker of commercial database management software, would stifle the MySQL open source database management software business within Sun.

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