Has the iPhone changed the way I play games?

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I've been a gamer longer than some of you reading this have probably been alive, for the record I think it was around 1984 that I got my rubber keyed Spectrum 48k and copy of Horace goes skiing, a mega drive followed, and a lapse over the playstation era till the N64, then pretty much every system since then.

I've changed a lot in the time I've been gaming, I've been single, I've been in a relationship, I've been single again, I've got married, I've had a kid,  I've had shitty jobs I've had decent jobs I've had another kid! .  None of this really changed the way I play games, they were always a sense of escapism and enjoyment.  The Wii re-kindled my love of playing for fun not story, and the PS3 re-kindled my love of story and moving away from casual and having a more in depth experience.  A kind of equalibrium was reached in my gaming until about five months ago.

The new iPhone came out and as a self proclaimed Apple fanboy It was the right time to get one.  What was the first thing I did when I got it home?  Download Plants v Zombies and Angry Birds of course!  Now the touch screen is not something new to me I've had a couple of DS' and loved them, but the iPhone is with me all the time and really is the worlds first truly portable gaming system that you always have with you.  This is what has changed my gaming habits more than anything else.  The cost of a game is pretty small, it's easy to install there are always sales AND I can play games at work and look like I'm checking my emails doing real work ;-)

It's not just games, the comic zeal app gives me the opportunity to read comics on the move, it's a decent video player, and a good way to surf the net (providing you don't want to use flash), I've also been reading scripts and books on it, oh and making the occasional phone call.

I found myself firing up the PS3 less and less to play games and my free time being divided by another device, for the first time in ages I feel like I have less time to play "real" games, and this is coming from someone with two kids.  I still have some good portable gaming experiences, I've just finished Monkey Island for the first time but whenever I put the PS3 on, by the time I've got back into a game it's time to turn it off, the imidiacy of pick up and play is missing from home consoles and it's the games I've been playing on the iPhone that have really tuned my brain this way.

I think the last couple of games I couldn't put down were Heavy Rain and Fallout 3 so maybe with New Vegas now out my appetite will be satisfied once again, but as my life changes and time and money become very scarce, the cheap pick up and play "app" option is increasingly attractive.

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