Tweetbook Q&A: What Did You Get on Black Friday?

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Did you survive the insanity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year? More importantly, did your wallet?

We're feeling the effects ourselves, so we asked our followers on Twitter to see what they purchased and what they missed out on. We also got some responses from our Bitmob staffers (we have to scrimp and save, too!) to see what demanded their gaming dollars.

Check out the answers below, and be sure to add your own purchases in the comments. (You know, because it's always fun to rub it in when you find a deal someone else didn't.) And don't forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get a heads-up on news, articles, and contests. We do these Tweetbook Q&A articles every Friday, so if you want to be featured, keep an eye out and respond!

What games or gear did you score on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? What do you wish you could have bought?

Via Twitter:

@TheStoryboard: I managed to get Rhythm Heaven for $10. Fun game for me, but it was the first time my mom actually asked to borrow my DS. Victory.

@BrentonWalker: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for $30 from Amazon. Had a $10 credit, and it was on sale for $40. Wish I would have picked up Fallout: New Vegas for $40.


@CosmoRoss (Chris Cosmo Ross): Bought Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Machinarium. Wish I would've grabbed more indie games on Steam.


@jazzfan05: Bought Kinect and Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Xbox.

@EvilAvnovice (Evian Machore): Wasn't able to get anything. But I saw that Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition was priced at $30-40, as I wanted to pick that up.

@CronGM (Carlos García): I got 3D Dot Game Heroes. Been wanting to play it for a while. I would have liked a deal in Rock Band bundles, but there was none.

3D Dot Game Heroes

@Stephano_N: A load of Steam games on sale. Paid $52 and got around $311 worth of games! Just wished Civilization V had gone on sale, too.

@bbretterson (Brett Bates): 3D Dot Game Heroes and Wii Remote Plus with FlingSmash — both off Amazon, under 50 bucks for the whole lot. Yay!

@ADewiM (Alex Martin): Several Steam indie-bundles. After it was over, I felt like I was waking up from a bender and wondering how I'd accumulated so many unfamiliar games.

@Darke (Connor Kinnaird): A set of polyhedral dice. :) (Ed. note: Well, I guess we did say "gaming"!)

Polyhedral dice

@bitmobshoe (Dan Hsu): All the community members writing about Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is making me want to buy it…but I don't have time to play!

@Kazriko: Found Infamous for $15 at Gamestop on Black Friday. Only real deal I found that day. Wish I would have waited till then for a PSP Go.

@acronkyoung (Alex Cronk-Young): Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for $22, Resident Evil 5 Gold for $20, and one of Steam's 5 for 5 indie packs. I always wish I could have gotten more though.

@Jeremy_LaMont : None of it. All of it. :-|

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