Reviews Spotlight: PETA, Android Games, and the Return of Pac-Man

This week's Reviews Spotlight centers on People for the Ethical Treatement of Animals (PETA), an organization known for the honorable activism they promote. Not so honorable are their attempts at video game development, which border on the offensive.

Grade-A Cut: Super Meat Boy
By Ryan Conway
After finding an audience deranged enough to enjoy their game at Newgrounds, developer Team Meat was determined to introduce a larger swathe of the industry to their self-destructive mascot, Meat Boy.

So, just four days ago, Super Meat Boy launched on the Steam marketplace, where Ryan was able to grab a copy. Is this game made of Kobe beef, or did Meat Boy escape from one of your cafeteria's week-old sloppy joes?

Art Imitating Life: Super Tofu Boy
By Ryan Conway
When a written review begins with a painfully transcribed sigh, you know something's wrong. But who's to blame? According to Ryan, PETA's holding the smoking gun.

Since releasing parody games of popular titles like Super Mario Bros. (Super Chick Sisters) and Cooking Mama (Mama Kills Animals), the animal-rights organization has precariously assumed the role of video game-developer. Their latest project takes aim at Meat Boy, an indie icon who is entirely made of meat. The result is Super Tofu Boy, a vegan-friendly alternative to the blood-spackled hero we all love.

I've always been partial to assorted meats over bean curds, so I have to ask: Can a 30-year-old lobbying organization really produce a worthwhile video game? 


Android Recommendation — Speedx 3D
By Alex Martin
'90s trends must be in vogue, because I haven't seen an "X" or a "3D" in a game title since my parents bought me Earthworm Jim 3D for my ninth birthday. If anything, my fond memories of '90s culture should work in Speedx 3D's favor!

The game's concept is simple: Using the accelerometer, steer your way past obstacles, toward power-ups, and down the pipe. Your score is determined by the distance you're able to cover before crashing. Sound interesting?

Your answer should either be "yes" or "no," because Speedx 3D doesn't offer any trials or demos — you'll have to gamble your $1.50 and hope the game turns out to be fun. Check out Alex's article, however, and you won't be gambling so much as acting on good advice.

Pac-Man CE DX is the New Crackness
By Adam Dorsey
Following the success of Pac-Man Championship Edition, Namco released an even more loquaciously titled game: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. That extra initialism must mean extra content and quality, right?

While I'm no etymologist, I suppose DX might stand for "dangerously extreme," a phrase which seems to perfectly describe this game. In the words of Adam, "phat techno beats" and "slo-mo, bullet-time" effects ensure the uniqueness of this title. Fans might be deterred from the Geometry Wars-inspired visuals, but rest assured, the familiar waka-waka of Pac-Man's footfalls (among other effects) maintains the traditional atmosphere we've all grown accustomed to.

While Pac-Man CE DX won't remind you of the dilapidated arcades you patronized as a kid, it seems to offer a new experience to life-long fans. Change is inevitable and usually for the best, so check out Adam's impressions and embrace the sweet, neon-lit change. 


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift — Fighting for a Chance
By Isaiah Taylor
For a long while, the fighting genre was an oligopoly of sorts — a market cornered by two or three companies. Arc System Works changed all that two years ago with the launch of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. The title boasted near-flawless network code and balancing, two elements which are key in online play.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift promises to expand on the foundations set by its predecessor. With four new characters, updated move sets, and a catalogue of anime-inspired art, does Continuum Shift threaten the stability of Street Fighter's throne? Let's hope so.

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