Interview: David Addis on Miasma: Citizens of Free Thought And Going Indie

David Addis worked on the Burnout and Fable series, but now he's gone indie with ESP Games and the turn-based strategy title Miasma: Citizens of Free Thought (available on Xbox Live Indie Games). I recently interviewed Addis via email to talk about the inspiration behind Miasma, and what it's like to leave a big developer and strike off on your own.

Video Blips: Arkham City, Dungeons, Mindjack, and More

Batman secretly wishes for everyone to stop copying his signature look and mannerisms. He's the original creepy guy who prowls around on rooftops at night, after all.

An Uncharted Movie Is Pointless

"But Drake, I thought we already made an Uncharted movie. You know,

The Geekbox – Episode 95

The Geekbox — Episode 95 (2010-12-08)

Xing snaps up event startup Amiando

German business social networking site Xing has acquired Amiando, an online event management and ticketing services company, for around 10.3 million euros, as the “German LinkedIn” attempts to engage its more than 10 million members more actively.

Blog company Automattic has a massive audience, less-massive revenue

Executives from Automattic, the company behind blogging service WordPress, recently took the stage at the Le Web conference in Paris, where they shared some details about how the company is doing, as recounted in TechCrunch. The big takeaway: Automattic has signed up a long list of publishers who reach a huge audience, but it hasn’t succeeded in turning that into equally an impressive source of revenue.

Google turns its year in review into a commercial

Google released its Zeitgeist 2010 list today, highlighting the top queries in its search engine from around the world. More than the list itself, which held relatively few surprises, I was impressed by the effort that Google put into the presentation, with a video tour of the top searches (embedded below) and an interactive website showing different searches in different regions.

Photo app Picplz expands its social reach

The past few months have seen the launch of two hot San Francisco startups with mobile photo-sharing apps — Instagram and Picplz. Today, Picplz announced that it’s catching up with the competition on the social networking front, by adding support for photo-sharing site Flickr as well as blogging services Tumblr and Posterous.

Growing With Vivi: How Final Fantasy 9 Made a Difference in My Life

I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy 7 was my first foray into the series and my favorite setting. I also believe that the sixth installment is the best game overall. However, despite all the affection I have for these titles — and the fact that I consider them to be better games — none of them affected me more than Final Fantasy 9. The reason was simple: it had a supporting character I could relate to more than any of the series' main protagonists.

With new programming tools, Foursquare hopes more developers will check in

Location-based check-in service Foursquare just announced on its blog that is has officially released the second version of its application programming interface, or API, in beta. The first version of its API, used by third-party developers to build software that connects to Foursquare’s services, will still be functional, but will probably phase out in a few months, according to the company.

Saplo's API reads text so you don't have to

Imagine a technology that can read and “understand” any block of text. That’s what Swedish startup Saplo does. It’s a sort of “Pandora for text” whose ultimate aim is to filter articles, tweets, ads or any other types of text based on your preferences. It can also group together similar text items, find related ones and even judge whether the text expresses positive or negative sentiments.