News Blips: Brisk sales for Humble Indie Bundle, huge Civ 5 patch, VGA ratings drop, and more

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Today's stories are rather electric (read the final story to find out why that is such a terrible pun). That same blip also contains some autobiographical moments — don't judge me. 

News Blips: 

Nearly 82,000 people have collectively paid $592,000 for the second Humble Indie Bundle. The Humble Indie Bundle 2 is a collection of popular indie games, including Braid and Machinarium, sold for the price of "whatever you want to pay." The proceeds are then split among the developers and a pair of promotion companies. As of right now, the average price people are spending on it is $7.24. An interesting aspect of the bundle's website is the chart that keeps track of all the sales. People can see how many people have bought the games, how much money people across different platforms paid (Windows the least, Linux the most), and a leaderboard that shows who has paid the most for the bundle. The top contributor is currently Notch, the industry-darling developer behind the indie hit Minecraft, who paid $2000 for his bundle. 

Civilization 5 gets a lengthy list of changes in a patch available today. Civ developer Firaxis focused on adjusting the AI — the game's most flawed component — and certain aspects of the gameplay. The patch comes just in time for the "Double Civilization and Scenario" downloadable content, which will go on sale tomorrow. For a detailed change log, check the 2k forums. Now, excuse me while I procrastinate writing these blips in favor of "just one more turn." 

Spike's VGA awards drop in ratings for the fourth consecutive year. The show may have had Neil Patrick Harris and Uncharted 3, but the overall audience for the show was down from 647,000 people to 627,000. I can hear you saying, "Ha! See, Spike needs to leave video games alone!" Not so fast: Males 18 to 34 — aka the most desirable demographic to advertisers — watching jumped 15 percent compared to last year. In fact, adults 18 to 49 went up 12 percent, which suggests that children and senior citizens were too busy playing Wii, Kinect, andFacebook games to even turn on the cable box. [Variety]

Irrational Games employee gets electrocuted while recording audio for Bioshock Infinite. Irrational Games posted a blog that details the events that led to one of the members of the sound team being shocked by a device from the early 20th century called a Master Violet Ray. The device was marketed as a medicinal tool to cure any number of maladies, but the team didn't read the manual and ended up getting fried. The best part is that — this being the audio team — there's a recording of the entire event. But hey, who hasn't had a few thousand volts coursing through your body at one time or antoher, whether due to falling into the faulty garage door at our grandparent's house or trying to stick gum into the electric socket during an especially boring Spanish class? Don't answer that.

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