Will Killzone 3 be Able to Offer the ULTIMATE Gaming Experience?



With Killzone 3 coming out on February 22, 2011 there’s no doubt that Sony is pushing the shit out of this.  Everything from promoting it at every trade show event to making Jimmy “The Noob” Fallon scream like a girl, this game is absolutely gonna rock! 


Like most people I’ll be playing this on my Playstation with my duel shock controller on a HD TV and the sad thing is that this would only be DEFCON 4 on the scale of awesomeness. 


DEFCON 3 – Having the Playstation Move.


            This accessory, even though it’s cheesy would still be interesting to play Killzone 3 with.  I’m sure this will be the first game to show if the Move is able to keep up to that one-to-one positioning.  With customizable setting allowing players to set the sensitivity to their liking, I believe that this might be a good argument to buy a PS Move.


Price –  $100.00


DEFCON 2 – Following up on the PS Move there is now a gun accessory called the ‘Sharp Shooter’ that player’s can put their Move controllers in.  “Now, hold on… You’re telling me that Killzone 3 has its own shitty gun peripheral?”  Yes, and in noway is this a shitty add-on.  This beast is has a great gun design that has an extension and pump action reload.  Basically it puts any other next gen gun to shame.  This gives the arcade feel of a rail shooter while kicking ass in a FPS. 


Price – $40.00


DEFCON 1 – Bringing everything together on a 3D TV.  I’m talking a 1080p, 480 Hz badass Mother F$#ker.  There’s a reason why Jim F. nearly peed himself while playing the demo in 3D because this game was MADE for 3D.  I can’t even begin to tell you about how this game is going rock the tits and ass of the 3D world but combining all these things and you got one hell of a gaming experience. 


Price – $3000.00


So for that person that does have this experience, I ask of you… Please tell me what it’s like!


Paul Mullin


RightFootStar – twitter

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