How I force myself to play some games…

As a person that got a 360 in December 2009, I have a huge backlog of games. What's worse, the evil developers keep releasing awesome games that I want to play, increasing the number of games that I really want to play.

But I'm not really here to talk about my huge backlog. I just felt like mentioning it just so you all know why I still haven't played some old games and so you know part of the reason I limit myself like this. Anyway, sometimes I just don't feel like playing a game at all, just because a similar game seems superior.

Some of the new games make me feel like not playing some of the older games and vice-versa (it happens!), but it seems that I've found a way to force myself to play through games that I don't really feel like playing: forcing myself to not play a game until I finish another.

Say, for example, there's Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption. I never really liked GTA4, but I've played a bit of RDR and I loved it. Just now I'm forcing myself to play through GTA4 just so I can "unlock" the ability to play RDR. I previously hated GTA4 and had just said "SCREW THIS GAME!" and moved on.

But by forcing myself to play it until the ending just to be able to play RDR I've grown fond of GTA4. Now I really like a game I previously hated and, again, the only reason I really forced myself to play through was just so I could "unlock" RDR. Not because I wanted to see why some loved it so much or anything. Just because I blocked myself from playing a game I liked.

There are other reasons I do this, of course. Such as playing an "inferior" game so I'm not "tainted" by the "superior" game and start comparing them saying the "inferior" game just sucks. Playing the "inferior" game first allows me to enjoy it more than I probably would if I played a similar but "superior" game first.

Here are some other examples, some of which done with a different reason:

Deadly Premonition before Alan Wake, which isn't such a good idea now that I've finished Deadly Premonition. I doubt Alan Wake can top Deadly Premonition's awesome, twisted and insane story.

Final Fantasy 13 before Resonance of Fate. I love Resonance of Fate's combat and characters, but I find FF13 to be really boring. But I guess I gotta play through FF13 just to be able to play Resonance of Fate… I will skip FF13 and jump to Resonance of Fate if FF13 ends up being as massively boring as the little bit I played.

Enslaved before Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. This is not because I like Enslaved less than Castlevania, but just because Enslaved seems like a shorter game.

Alpha Protocol before Mass Effect. Both are "RPG shooters" but one of them (Alpha Protocol) is a technical mess. Yet, there's something about Alpha Protocol that makes me want to play through it. Mass Effect is a good enough carrot to get this bunny running at full speed.

Velvet Assassin before The Saboteur. I don't know from where this one really comes from, they're pretty different games. But I'm gonna stick with it.

Metro 2033 before Singularity. Having played a bit of both games, there's no real reason for this limitation other than I wanna play Singularity but don't really feel like playing Metro 2033. They both seem like pretty awesome games.

That's it! There are more "limitations" I have set for myself, but these are just examples of what I do and why.

Now, does anyone else limit themselves like this? Anyone? Please?

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