Reviews Spotlight: Bayonetta, Halo: Reach, and fast food

On this week's Reviews Spotlight, we lay waste to Bungie's self-esteem, overwhelm a problem-solving professor with praise, and stop by for some hot dogs with a robot.

Alien Storm: Fast food vendors turned alien hunters
By Jonathan Oyama
Let's be frank: Aliens vs. Predator might be a decent game, but it isn't a true homage to the sci-fi franchises. With boredom close to killing him, Jonathan was quick to seek a new alien-themed game to replenish his spirits. Who knew he'd have to go back 20 years to find a fun title that included both extraterrestrials and "lots of guns"?

That game is Alien Storm, an outrageous beat-em-up whose mechanics are heavily inspired by the Golden Axe series. The game pits Garth, Karen, and their robot friend Scooter against a swarm of invading space monsters. Will they survive? Should you care? Jonathan thinks so and so do I.

My game of the year review: Bayonetta (PS3)
By Rakim Reid
While Bayonetta's provocative attire and seductive curves may draw you near, it's her confidence  that'll keep you begging for more. Despite only starring in a single game, this vixen is quickly becoming a landmark figure within the industry, providing many gamers with a strong female role model to admire!

Clearly seduced by Bayonetta's mysterious vogue, Rakim is willing to make the case that her game was indeed 2010's best. Are you willing to listen? Of course you are!


Why Halo: Reach is the most disappointing game of the year
By Mitch Dyer
Mitch isn't alone: For nine years, Halo fans have eagerly anticipated a Bungie-developed game based on Eric Nylund's prequel novel The Fall of Reach. The author chronicled, in vivid detail, the final days and hours of Spartans determined to hold onto humanity's penultimate sanctum. Let's just say that Bungie's interpretation of Nylund's tale is…liberal.

Halo: Reach

According to Mitch, Halo: Reach lacks the gravitas and substance of its novelized counterpart. And so we must ask the question: Was Halo: Reach 2010's most disappointing, overrated game? Hear Mitch out!

Reviewing my choice for game of the year
By Ryan Conway
If you've kept an eye on this Bitmobber's work, his choice for game of the year should be obvious. Having reviewed almost every installment in the franchise, Ryan Conway is prepared to declare that not only is The Unwound Future among the best Professor Layton games, but it may even be the year's best game!

It seems like Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, and other obvious choices have received exaggerated praise, leaving some great games to be overlooked. Well, we're placing the spotlight on Ryan while he places another one on Professor Layton — everyone wins!

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