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Want to know more about Mayor Mike Haggar's punching proficiency? So do we.

This week, Bitmob editor James DeRosa and Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian called for community input on which Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds characters to profile for an upcoming Bitmob story. So we thought it would be a good time to ask our Twitter followers who they're looking to brawl with. We also asked for reactions to Rus McLaughlin's article on the future of episodic games.

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Which character are you most looking forward to using in Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Via Twitter:

@demian_linn: Mike Haggar! He's got a mandate from the people to PILEDRIVE.

@Tolkoto (Mike Minotti): Deadpool! One of my favorite Marvel characters, and I love that they've injected his humor into his play style.


Marvel vs. Capcom 3

@StriderHoang (Marcel Hoang): Pick Arthur, throw 5 different kinds of projectiles, build meter, use magic armor super, throw more projectiles, CACKLE WITH GLEE.

@orcusXX (Diego Macias): MaXsplosion.

@CHoadley (Chris Hoadley): Random select. I'm in a strange gap between wanting to try many characters, but not having an absolute favorite I must play first.

@robidoo: I am way excited Viewtiful Joe is included in there! Those games are a trip. :)

Via Facebook:

Michael Anthony: Deadpool.

Writer Rus McLaughlin says episodic games are the future. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Via Twitter:

@bbretterson (Brett Bates): They're just one part of the future. Some games lend themselves to episodic, others don't.

@Kazriko: The problem with episodic is the sales drop off on later games… I think Telltale has it right. Charge for the whole series.

Back to the Future

@Tolkoto (Mike Minotti): No way. No one's done it effectively yet, minus Telltale.

@mriceguy (Michael Gray): I don't know if episodic will take over, but I'm happy for it to be more prominent. I'm hoping game's stories get more like good TV.

@ibitjuan: Only way episodic gaming happens is when developers and publishers see value. No economic reason to do so now. Imagine all the fees!

@robidoo: It certainly seems to be. I would buy way more DLC packs if I had more storage space…new Xbox hard drives are spendy. :(

@rusmclaughlin: That guy is totally full of octopus shit. I'm not even giving him the benefit of vertibrate feces. He probably leaves little brown footprints everywhere he goes. (Editor's note: Well played, Rus.)

@ADewiM (Alex Martin): I'd prefer Grand Theft Auto to go episodic because their stories always drag. Too many consoles aren't connected to t'interweb, though.

@chase_koeneke: To a point. Games like Dead Rising and Sam & Max work really well in that format, but we'll never see a Call of Duty like that. Furthermore, if all games go episodic, we're going to end up with a lot of broken or unfinished stories, and I don't want that.

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