Ask the accountant: VentureBeat fields your tax questions

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This series is brought to you by TurboTax Home & Business Edition – Guides You to Your Biggest Tax Refund. As always, VentureBeat is adamant about maintaining editorial objectivity. TurboTax had no involvement in the content of this post.

The TaxmanAs April draws near, our thoughts turn to taxes. More than a bit unwillingly, for most, because the workaday parts of running a business can distract from building the great products that drew us into this world.

But getting the operations of your business right can be key to success — and getting them wrong can be a painful, if not fatal, distraction.

So from now through April 15, VentureBeat will be taking your tax and accounting questions and getting you expert answers. You can send us a question by email, leave one in the comments below, or reach us by Twitter or on Facebook or Quora.

Not that there’s just one answer to the questions of how you structure, run, and reap rewards from your business. Some tax subjects are cut-and-dry matters of law. Others vary by situation. So we’ll be hosting conversations here and elsewhere. It’s the least we can do to make paying your due a bit less taxing.

Got a question? Leave a comment or send it by email.