The Fight for the Shooter Crown: Halo vs Call of Duty

Halo: Reach is a game in which you, an anonymous soldier, make your way through linear levels from a generally first person perspective. Your primary interaction with the world around you is through the barrel of a gun, which is handy because everything wants to kill you. Sometimes you come across men that want to kill things that want to kill you. This makes them your friends. You reach the end, credits roll, and then you head online to do much the same thing without the linearity.

Watch DEMO Spring 2011 now (live feed)

Missing the action in Palm Desert, Calif., where the best startups and smartest companies out there are presenting their products? One way to listen in is on Twitter, where I’m providing real-time commentary on the #democon hashtag. But you can also watch the show as it happens on a live feed provided by our partner, It’s not the same as being in the thick of things and getting the full social experience. But it will give you an eye on the world of DEMO. Here’s what’s happening now:

Spent: Can you survive a month on $1,000?

Over 14 million Americans are unemployed. Now, imagine you're one of them. Your savings are gone. You've lost your house. And you're down to your last $1,000. Can you make it through the month?

Data scientists turn information into gold

Structure Big Data, taking place in New York on March 23, will bring tech giants and startups together to discuss how companies can turn terabytes of “information into gold” with actionable data. VentureBeat readers save $100 and claim your spot now.