News Blips: Star Wars: TOR profits, Fight Night Champion demo, Namco classics get tilt, and more

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I grew up on Star Wars, so it is hard for me to admit that my sci-fi tastes are moving on. I fell in love with Mass Effect's world, so it may be difficult to go back to Star Wars…who am I kidding! The Old Republic still has friggin' lightsabers.  

News Blips:

EA's Chief Financial Officer claims Star Wars: The Old Republic needs only 500k subscribers to turn a profit. Blogs Internet-wide have been reporting on the rising costs of Bioware's Star Wars MMO, but Eric Brown, EA's CFO, says to fret not — anything more than 500k subscribers would be profitable. This is important — reports indicate concern among investors about what is now the costliest project in EA history. According to Brown, that concern is phooey. "Don't read 'gamer blogs' as having any substance. Some of them bring a chuckle, but they also bring a frustration to those for managing [EA dollars] when they read falsehoods out in the press." Ooo, he said we make him chuckle! [Joystiq]

Fight Night Champion demo available now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Do you enjoy violence but are turned off by the gential-grinding action of mixed-martial arts? Good news! Clean, old fashioned boxing is back with Fight Night Champion. Electronic Arts has thrown the demo into the ring, and all you have to do is download the 1.05 gigabytes of sweaty, punchy power. The boxing sim brings back giants of the sport like Muhammad Ali and legendary tiger-owner Mike Tyson. The retail version of Fight Night Champion will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 1. 

Pac-Man and Galaga get new tilt-control games on the 3DS. You know what's hot right now? That iPhone. And boy, do those kids love their tilting. Well, Namco Bandai has heard your calls and is ready to quench your thirst! Ready yourselves for tilt-control Pac-man and Galaga. From our initial reports regarding the 3DS, it may be difficult to maintain the 3D image while holding the system completely still, let alone when the game requires the player to roll and rotate the entire console. The two classic updates are coming packaged together under the title Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions. Pac-Man will be a side-scrolling action game, and Galaga will be a 3D shooter. I hope there is an option to play these games with standard controls, otherwise, I'll pass. [Adriasang]

EA and La-La-Land Records will be releasing an eight-disc collection of the entire Medal of Honor orchaestral score. That is a total of ten hours of music. I'd like to file this under the "really, you're doing that?" category of gaming news. In addition to the orginal music composed by Up's Michael Giacchino, there is a 40-page booklet with complete track information. Which begs the question: At what number of pages does a booklet become a book? No price announced yet, but it'll be available March 1, so start lining up now!

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