News Blips: Medal of Honor sequel, Telltale’s many games, a console Diablo 3, and more

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I've never had more beard shame than when I uploaded the picture for this article. 

News Blips:

Danger Close is working on a Medal of Honor sequel. A post on the MOH blog says, "Yes, Danger Close is working on the next Medal of Honor." The rebooted FPS series was met with moderate praise and brisk sales during its fall 2010 release, helped by a strong marketing push and a controversy surrounding playable Taliban characters. No word on a possible release date — it takes some time for those Special Forces beards to grow back to full strength, you know. 

Telltale Games is developing a King's Quest reboot along with adaptations of the Fables and The Walking Dead comics. Either adventure games are easier to make than macaroni and cheese, or Telltale is the busiest developer in the industry. The second episode of Back to the Future just hit people's computer screens, meanwhile the first installment of Jurassic Park will be unleashed in April, and now they have announced three more games. The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series (and hugely popular AMC show) that follows a band of humans surviving in a zombie apocalypse. Fables is another comic adaption, about fairy-tale legends like Snow White who live among the general population. Finally, the King's Quest reboot will bring the classic Sierra series up to modern respectability. Expect The Walking Dead in Q4 2011, Fables in Q1 2012, and King's Quest sometime after that. 

Blizzard throws gasoline on Diablo 3 console rumors with a job posting on their website. The help-wanted post reads "Senior Producer, Console Diablo 3." Not since the first Diablo hack-n-slashed its way onto the PlayStation in 1998 have gamers who are afraid of video cards and compatibility issues had a chance to be a loot whore in a Blizzard game. Unfortunately, this move has probably delayed the PC game to star-date 2569.07.245. 

Don't worry so much about Call of Duty — it isn't the next Guitar Hero, say analysts. In the wake of Activision announcing that the gold mine known as Guitar Hero had been completely stripped and abandoned, many commentators stepped up to say that Call of Duty will meet a similar fate. But Industrygamers spoke with several software analysts who mostly believe that music games were a fad that met their inevitable end, and that as long as Activision doesn't make a bad COD, they'll be fine. I bet they said the same thing about the Tony Hawk franchise.

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