Apple debuts Developer Preview of Mac OS X Lion via App Store

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Following recent rumors, Apple has officially announced a developer preview of Mac OS X Lion, the latest version of its operating system. Developers part of the Mac Developer Program can obtain the preview today through its App Store on the Mac.

The release includes a set of highly anticipated features such as Mission Control, a centralized dashboard to overview all of your activity, and Launchpad, an easy way to store and launch applications, in addition to new multitouch gestures, a new version of its e-mail client Mail, and other features such as AirDrop, Versions, Resume, and Auto Save.

Also, more notably, the release is the first time Apple intends to port concepts such as full screen applications from iOS, its operating system for the iPad and iPhone, into its operating system for Mac.

Back in October, the company held a press conference to announce the product and demo a set of its key features. The final consumer release is on track to ship this summer as previously announced.

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