5 best new Pokémon in Black and White

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Each new Pokémon game always adds another hundred or so new critters to the ever-expanding list of Pocket Monsters. Black and White is no exception, and while a lot of the new Pokémon look great, a few stand out as some of my new all-time favorites.

5. Ducklett

Water/Flying Types

This guy will make Billy Madison very, very happy.  Also, its unique water/flying type combo means it can learn Surf and Fly, the two most useful moves in the games.

In a word, he is indeed "quacktastic."

Downside:  He's extra weak against electric moves. He's also prone to a little depression from time to time. Get it? Because he's blue!



Lillipup4. Lillipup

Normal Type

The first route outside of your home town is usually filled with terrible Pokémon, home to all the Rattatas, Pidgeys, and Bidoofs of the world. So imagine my surprise when one of the first Pokémon I met when starting my journey was this adorable puppy. I actually wanted to keep him in my party forever, if only for the "awwww" factor.

Downside: Sadly, he got less cute the more he evolved. Also, he is Normal type, and we all know they're pretty much worthless.


Litwick3. Litwick

Fire/Ghost Types

Have you ever wondered what Lumière from Beauty and the Beast might look like as a Pokémon? OK, no one has, but you can't deny the charm of this little guy. And if a candle is a little too small-scale for you, he eventually evolves into an entire chandelier, which is of course named Chandelure. OK, so they won't get any bonus points for creativity with the name, but I never thought I'd be fighting the Elite Four with a freaking chandelier.

Downside: You can't catch him until you're relatively far into the game.

Sandile2. Sandile

Ground/Dark Types

Crocodiles are the ninjas of the animal world. Have you ever seen one eat a wildebeest? That's ultimate stealth. No wonder Metal Gear's Snake sometimes dresses as one. With that in mind, a Dark-type Pokémon who's a crocodile makes plenty of sense. The Dark/Ground combo can counter a lot of potential opposition, and he learns some powerful moves — like Crunch and Dig — at relatively low levels.

Downside:  A crocodile who's weak to water? That's…well, weak.

Timburr1. Timburr

Fighting Type

He carries a 2×4, which he uses to beat other Pokémon with. I really don't know what else you want me to say. How can you not immediately fall in love? You can also catch him fairly early in the game, right near a gym filled with Normal-type Pokémon who are weak to Fighting-type moves. How convenient is that? He evolves two times, first ditching his massive piece of wood for a steel girder, and then finally wielding two massive concrete blocks. They don't come much tougher than that.

Downside: He's only one type, so he's a bit one dimensional.

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