GDC 2011: The best* quotes of the show

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*This is really the best quotes of GDC 2011 that I heard personally, but that doesn't quite have the same ring of authority, headline-wise. But enough about me, on to the quotes!

Blizzard's Tom Chilton on his team's initial plan (later simplified) to add another tier of class talents to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm: "Crit by wall of icons. It can make you give up on the game right there."

During the post-talk Q&A, an audience member asked Chilton: "Do you ever run out of colors?" Surprisingly, the answer turned out to be yes.

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski on the importance of owing your own intellectual property: "I've talked to developers — 'We don't own our IP; we don't really care' — are you fucking high?"


Indie developer Jason Rohrer, talking about how experimental and art games actually need to be fun, too: "We don't want a spoonful of sugar to go with the medicine; what we want is a fundamentally delicious medicine."'s Ryan Scott on Toru Iwatani's Pac-Man talk (via Twitter): "Pac-Man postmortem summary: Pac-Man is about eating so it will appeal to women, and Iwatani doesn't know how the ghost A.I. works."

Chris Hecker, after showing pages and pages of math and code that went into the physics engine (which included six different fatigue models) of his abandoned rock-climbing game: "I kind of rediscovered chaos theory…. So what went wrong, as if it wasn't totally obvious?"

Stardock's Brad Wardell talking about Elemental: War of Magic at GDC's "The Failure Workshop": "Unlike the other examples you've heard tonight, this game shipped. It's on store [shelves] now. At WalMart…. I don't even know what a [Metacritic score of] 56 means. A 56 means it gives you cancer."

Game industry vet and now social-game designer Brenda Brathwaite: "We want to make a good game for the 43-year-old Facebook mom, because she deserves a good fucking game, too!"

Digital Chocolate Founder Trip Hawkins on current mobile platform holders like Apple: "At least Nintendo had the decency up front to tell you how you were going to be screwed."

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