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Last month, we asked the Bitmob community to take back the top 10 list, and you rose to the occasion with some really off-the-wall, creative articles. Many of your lists have already hit the front page, but we wanted to give the others some deserved attention, too. So check 'em out below. Hey, David Letterman's got nothing on us.

Top 10 excuses for writing top 10 lists
By Jason Lomberg
Sure, we all get bored of lists. But Jason's reasons for writing them are unassailable, especially where games are concerned. One reason in particular made me laugh out loud. I won't spoil the surprise, but as Jason says, "Switching controller ports won't work."

A salute to cannon fodder
By Ryan Conway
Where would a hero be without someone to fight? Or a slew of identical, easy-to-defeat someones? Ryan rounds up some of gaming's greatest grunts…even if they fight on your side. I'm delighted that he included the Lemmings from the eponymous puzzle series. Watching them go boom never, ever gets old.

Top 6 new-game-smell games
By Chris Cosmo Ross
Prepare for a whimsical journey into a world where unwrapping a brand-new cartridge or disc leads to an entire universe of scents, including cinnamon, chamomile tea bags, hand grenades, cherry pie, and home-cooked grits. I am not making this up. Well, Chris might be. I'll let you decide.

A top 5 list: The best video game websites
By Louis Garcia
You like us! You really like us! Seriously, though — we're flattered that Louis included us in his list. And on the off chance that you ever venture away from the friendly confines of the Mob, you should visit all the sites Louis mentions. Hey, it's an honor just to be nominated.

The 5 video-game enemies I feel bad for smiting, blowing up, or foiling
By Louis Garcia
Not content with making us blush, Louis also shows his sympathetic side as he describes the baddies he regrets bashing. I have to say, though, I disagree with one or two of his choices. (Those Claptraps had it coming.)

Want more? Check out these lists that we've already given top billing:

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