News Blips: Wii 2 rumors, Madden 12 confirmed, Netflix gets Kinect, and more

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It's playoff-hockey time. As a Red Wings fan, that's the time when I begin loudly cursing at the opposing teams' goalies through the television. All of whom — almost universally — become 40-save-making freaks of nature. Here's to Jimmy Howard being that freak. 

News Blips:

Multiple sources claim Nintendo will announce the Wii's successor in June at their E3 press conference. After yesterday's blip about Nintendo dropping the price of the Wii to $150, it got into my head — and I'm sure many of yours — that this can only mean we aren't far away from a Wii 2 announcement. Game Informer and Kotaku are reporting that we were right to have such crazy ideas! Does this mean it is time to invest in old GameCubes and duct tape? Apparently not, the new system is supposedly more powerful than current-gen hardware. "Nintendo is doing this one right," said a Game Informer source who sounds nothing like your typical GameFAQ forum poster, before adding that this new console is "not a gimmick like the Wii." It's times like these that gaming as a hobby seems absolutely ludicrous. Mario, Inc. just had a huge hit with the Wii, and now, half a decade later, they have to roll the dice again. I'm imagining Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is standing in his office yelling, "You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!"

Madden NFL 12 confirmed for its typical August launch. There will be professional football, but it may only be of the video-game persuasion. While the NFL and the NFL Player's Association continue their federally mediated negotiations, fans of the league can at least rest easy that their favorite — and only — licensed pro-football game won't miss a beat. The pigskin simulator will drop on August 30, but it'll take some further time to confirm whether betting on my cousins playing the game will be enough to feed my terrible gambling addiction.

Netflix gets Kinect support. Finally, I can control Netflix while eating hot-garlic chicken wings with extra sauce without the fear of smudging up my controller — just like Minority Report! Users can waggle their hands and shout at their 360 to select a movie, play, pause, and all those other things that one does while watching a movie. This will revolutionize teenagers fast-forwarding through R-rated movies just to get to the three seconds of side boob near the end: "Fast forward to side boob!"

According to the recently neutered public NPD figures, Pokemon White becomes the best-selling Pokemon SKU in its debut month. While we're deprived of the sweet software and hardware numbers that the NPDs used to reveal, we did get some info from the analyst firm. Pokemon White and Black are the best-selling Pokemon games through their first month. This rocketed them past the former record held by Pokemon Gold and Silver in 2000. That was 11 years ago, and now you feel old. 

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