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When we rolled out Bitmob 2.1 a few weeks ago, we immediately noticed a few things that needed fixin' right away. We also didn't get a chance then to include some features that we really wanted on the site.

Enter Bitmob 2.15. It's just a small update, but the following fixes and additions are now live:

  • We realized the Facebook “Like” and “Share” functions were a little redundant, so we took one out and then added Reddit and StumbleUpon links. If you want to support Bitmob and see the site stick around for a while, please use these social-networking buttons!
  • You can now reply to comments, up to one level deep.
  • You will get a notification email if someone replies to one of your comments or a thread you’re already in (similar to Facebook). If you want to opt out of this, go to your Profile page, then Account Settings.
  • When you log in, upon reloading, the page should take you to whatever you were originally trying to do (such as replying to a comment). You might have to wait a second for everything to finishing loading, though.
  • You can now report an inappropriate comment to the moderators (via the “report” link).
  • Now, if we promote a community story to the front page, that post is locked to further changes unless done by a staff member. Sorry — we had a few writers make changes after we edited and front-paged something, and we can’t take a chance that they’ll slip in something inappropriate (hasn’t happened yet…we don’t think!) or any grammatical errors (has happened). If you have issue with any edits or need to add or change something after the story’s locked, contact the editor listed in the “editor’s note” section at the top of the post.
  • Safari users can now register on Bitmob! Until just recently, we had no idea the Captcha human-verification system was missing on Safari, making it impossible to register for Bitmob on that browser. (Who uses Safari anyways? Not us! Hence this bug going unnoticed for so long.)
  • Fixed some date-stamp and ordering issues with your posts on your Profile and Post Manager pages. Your newest articles should always appear at the top, and if an older one gets promoted to the front page of Bitmob, it will receive a new date stamp (the time of the promotion) and be listed accordingly.
  • Fixed a ton of formatting issues and little bugs you probably weren’t even aware of. Don’t you worry about it!

If anything here is not working properly, feel free to comment below to let us know.

We thank you very, very much for continuing to support Bitmob! We have more features and fixes planned, so stay tuned.

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