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(Yes, this post has a few grammatical errors in it. Its intentional! Can you find them all? Though please do not post your findings in the comments below. See below for why.)

Sure, we take great pride in the fact that working at Bitmob can lead to greater opportunities (see Brett Bates, whose now the community manager on Dragon Age Legends…or a few community writers whose posts here have lead to paid freelance jobs). But man, we sure don't like the extra work left behind for us when staffers have to say goodbye.

We're currently looking for two volunteer editors to join our team. If you have some free time on your hands and would like to take a step closer to being an official part of our industry, please read on….


What we need:

  • We need someone who has a strong command of the English language, is very familiar with most basic rules of grammar, and is anal as hell (attention to detail is a must!). You don't have to have any professional experience, but if you don't know what a comma splice is, for example, or how to catch one, then this gig probably isn't for you…unless you're an amazing learner. We will teach you some of the rules and styles that we follow but anyone we bring on should be able to internalize such lessons and be able to apply them consistently to any Bitmob work.
  • We need someone who has a strong work ethic, whom we can depend on to edit three to five stories a week from the community or the staff.
  • We need someone with decent knowledge of the gaming world. You might have to fact-check the stories that you write, so you must be familiar enough with the subject matter to catch any potential problems.

What we can offer you:

  • Fame! Well, not a lot of it but for many people, it'll do. You get to be an official part of the Bitmob staff, that means you'll get some early access to games (for you to write about), the chance to attend some industry events (pressers, parties, E3, and the like), and possible opportunities to get paid work from our content partners (like EGM…if they like you).
  • Knowledge! We promise you that you'll be a better editor and/or writer after you go through a few weeks of Bitmob boot camp/training. We've had more than one professional editor or writer tell us that they’ve learned more from working with us for a few weeks than they have at their real-life jobs or in their educational careers.

If you're interested:

  1. Send an email to letters [at] bitmob [dot] com with the subject head: Bitmob Editor.
  2. In your email, please list at least five of the six errors that I've intentionally placed in this post. Hey, if you find more than six, good for you! That means I screwed up, and your probably the right guy for this job.
  3. Let us know why you'd like to join the Bitmob team. We're only interested in those who are truly passionate about this business and want to help make this site better!

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