Reviews Spotlight: The Witcher 2, Yakuza 4, Darksiders, and hopefully the final fantasy?

If you're a fan of role-playing games, then you're about to enjoy some good articles from our community writers. First, the quality of Final Fantasy 13 is a topic of spirited discussion in Matt DiVito's first review. Matthew thinks The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is better than Dragon Age 2, but Allen thinks Yakuza 4 might be the best RPG this year — writer fight! Finally, one of these kids is doing his own thing in Alan's take on action title Darksiders. Yep, it's another Reviews Spotlight.

By Matthew Anfuso

Ok, first the bad news: This review does not contain evidence that The Witcher series is coming to consoles. The good news, however, is the recently released sequel is super-extra dummy, and I mean that as a compliment. Considering the popularity of Dragon Age 2 amongst our community writers, it's worth reading why Matthew thinks this is a better game.


Why Yakuza 4 may be the RPG of the year
By Allen Kwan

The Japanese themes of Yakuza 4 and the depth and breadth of its content might be intimidating to some western gamers. Luckily, we have Allen here. He breaks its brilliance down in five simple points: location, story, side quests, linearity, and variety. His intention is not only to explain how good the game is, but also to inform developers to take notes. This article is a good warm-up for the Final Fantasy 13 review below.

Darksiders: One helluva ride
By Alan Rappaport

Publisher THQ has this amazing machine that they use to make their games. Here's how it works: You drop a handful of things that you like into this paper-shredder-like orifice, and it produces a brand new intellectual property — kinda like Dren from that terrible movie, Splice. One of their recent Frankensteinian creations is Darksiders, a game they made by throwing in God of War, Portal, Devil May Cry, Metroid, and some Joe Madureira comics. According to Alan, this abomination to humanity is…awesome!

Why Final Fantasy 13 is a terrible game
By Matt DiVito

As you may have noticed, Matt is not really feeling Final Fantasy 13. Considering how loyal some fans are of the series, that can be a dangerous opinion to have, but he backs it up with a thorough review. In fact, his article speaks to the heart of so many flaws in the game that the Bitmob community took to the comments section. What ensued was a conversation about Japanese culture, the different battle systems featured throughout the series, and the gradual suck-ness of a once untouchable franchise.

Final Fantasy 13

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