Bitmob updates: Editor search, new staffers, and fixes in our 2.17 update

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I'm rushing around, trying to get ready for the E3 trade show (follow our coverage here, all week long), so I gotta make this short and sweet!

We have two updates for you. First, find out how our search for two new staff editors concluded. (We also have another staff addition to announce.) Next, we snuck out a quick code update this morning, so read on to see what we fixed for Bitmob version 2.17.


A couple of weeks ago, we put a call out for two volunteer editors to join the Bitmob team. The response really overwhelmed us! We received over 100 applications, and it was really tough to narrow them down.

We looked for anyone who found all six errors we intentionally placed in our editing test. Sure, we only asked for "at least five out of six," but the "six out of six" folks really nailed it, so we wanted to go with them first.

For those who are curious, here are the six problems:

  1. "Its intentional!"
    This should be "it's" for "it is" (not "its," which is possessive for the pronoun "it").
  2. "see Brett Bates, whose now the community manager"
    This should be "who's" for "who is" (not "whose," which is possessive).
  3. "a few community writers whose posts here have lead to paid freelance jobs"
    This should be "led" in past tense (not "lead" in the present tense or "lead" the metal).
  4. "We will teach you some of the rules and styles that we follow but anyone we bring on should be able to internalize such lessons and be able to apply them consistently to any Bitmob work."
    This is the tough one that a lot of you missed.  A comma needs to be before the conjunction "but" because it separates two independent clauses. See this for more on this rule.
  5. "You get to be an official part of the Bitmob staff, that means you'll get some early access to games"
    This is also a tough (but important) one:  Above, you have what is known as a comma splice. A comma shouldn't separate two independent clauses.
  6. "your probably the right guy for this job"
    This should be "you're" for "you are" (not "your," which is possessive). Note for all of you who brought this up: These days, it's acceptable to use a male term to represent a gender-neutral identity. No need to do the "his or her" thing. Sorry, ladies!

Several applicants caught all six of these, but — some of you are going to beat yourselves up over this — we actually got a few emails that had grammatical errors in them! Those were automatically disqualified, needless to say. Any editor (or any employer period, for that matter) would expect a person's best writing in any correspondence looking for work.

Out of the remaining candidates, we looked for well-written letters that showed enthusiasm and a clear understanding of the rules of grammar, without concerning ourselves with a person's educational background (self-taught or a Masters in Journalism…it didn't matter to us) or whether he was already an active part of the Bitmob community. We just wanted the best two people for the job.

We did Skype interviews with a handful, and we've made our final decisions. So say hello to Sam Barsanti and Eduardo Moutinho, the two newest editors on the Bitmob staff. You'll be seeing more of them after E3.

We also want to welcome to our crew Sebastian Haley, our new executive video producer. He will be developing our video strategy as well as creating new, original shows in the near future. Keep an eye out!

Now, onto the fixes for Bitmob 2.17….

Here's what we fixed for Bitmob 2.17, which is now live:

  • Assuming you filled out your Twitter info on your profile page, if you write a story on Bitmob and someone Tweets it, Twitter will now recommend you as someone to follow to that reader.
  • Inserting videos into posts via the "embed media" button should now work more reliably.
  • Captcha for registration verification is now showing up for Firefox 4 users.
  • If you report a comment (for spam or inappropriate content), the confirmation window will no longer obscure that comment.
  • On your profile page, if you try entering a URL that ends with a slash under "website," it will no longer cause an error.
  • Because the system will subscribe you to comments in different ways, we had some overlap that was causing duplicate notification emails to go out. This should be fixed now.
  • Here are the updated ways you could be subscribed to email notifications on new comments:

    • If someone comments on a story that you wrote.
    • If someone directly replies to a comment that you wrote.
    • If someone replies to a comment that you already replied to (in other words, everyone is subscribed to that mini-thread, similar to Facebook comments).
    • (New) If you enter a new comment with the "subscribe to this comment thread" box checked right underneath. By the way, you can click on that "subscribe to this comment thread" text as well, if you want to subscribe without actually entering a comment.

Don't worry. You can opt out of any or all of these very easily. Check your profile page's account settings for more.

  • Facebook Like counters should be working correctly now. Before, they weren't always sticking for some reason.

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